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  1. JamesIG

    Market impact

    You should be able to on the CFD platform (with deals executed via DMA) and share dealing, however not on spread betting as we don't want any ambiguity or conflicts of interest executing trades from OTC bets for our own listed company.
  2. JamesIG

    Market impact

    Whilst there is a certain level of complexity in what we offer, the basic premise is this: We take the underlying market data streams and present them to our client base in the form of CFD and Spread Bets. We have nearly 200,000 clients, and because of this it means we don't need to hedge or replicate every trade in the underlying market, because statistically it's likely that opposing views on the market direction will be met by our clients. For example, if someone trades £10/pt long on the FTSE, there's a high likelihood that someone else will trade £10 short on the same market within a few minutes meaning that we don't need to hedge or replicate each and every trade directly in the market. We therefore have a specific risk profile which we are happy to accept in any one direction for a specific amount of time before hedging those cumulative trades. We therefore have no opinion on market direction, we don't know or mind which way the market moves, and therefore we are impartial bullish or bearish market movements as long as we can replicate and hedge those trades. An absolute priority is to fill each individual client's position at the best possible price via best execution policies, and therefore by a very rough analogy we act as an intermediary "broker" giving our client base access to the markets in a leveraged fashion. Hopefully this clarifies?
  3. JamesIG

    #IGCommodityChat: Base Metals

    Exploring base metal markets Join us on Thursday 6th December at 1pm for the final #IGCommodityChat, when we will be talking to economist Daniel Lacalle and mining analyst John Meyer about base metal markets. Put your questions to the experts as part of the live Q&A by using #IGCommodityChat using the comments section below. Submit your questions now There will be a live Q&A during the session, so you can put forward any topics you want answered. Post your questions to the #IGCommodityChat using the comments section below, and check out one of the latest #IGChats we recently posted on oil and gold to get a flavour of what to expect. The show will be broadcast live from within the dealing platform as well as via a special YouTube link and on various social channels. How political unrest impacts base metal supply What the effect of the US-China trade war has been on base metal prices How global growth (or a lack thereof) is impacting global demand The base metal mining stocks to watch
  4. JamesIG

    Cannabis Related Stocks As A Whole

    You may find this article useful. https://www.ig.com/uk/trading-opportunities/best-marijuana-stocks-to-watch-180530 If there are any companies you would like to add to the platform, as long as they are traded via a centralised electronically matched exchange and meet out minimum requirements such as market cap and free float, we will look to add them. This is done on a case by case basis.
  5. JamesIG

    LIVE video at 1pm - #IGCommodityChat: Oil

    For anyone interested, here are some 'behind the scenes'.
  6. JamesIG

    LIVE video at 1pm - #IGCommodityChat: Oil

    Hi all - apologies about the earlier issue @nightingale @Caseynotes @Whiterose @sanjayish and anyone else who may have been watching. You can now watch the video back using the link below, or updated video in the main blog.
  7. JamesIG

    #IGCommodityChat: Oil

    For those following this chat, please see the video link below.
  8. JamesIG

    LIVE video at 1pm - #IGCommodityChat: Oil

    UPDATE at 13.07: Hi all - unfortunately we are having issues pushing to YouTube. This is now Live on the platform only. We'll push the recorded video to Community afterwards. Apologies about this - our two live shows this morning didn't have issues so we'll need to investigate.
  9. JamesIG

    Crude Oil (WTI)

    for those interested this kicks off in 40 minutes and will be available after the live show. If you want to submit any questions please do so on that link below as I won't be checking this thread.
  10. Continuing our #IGCommodityChat and following our previous chat on gold, join us on Thursday the 29 November at 1pm (UK time) to discuss the future of the oil market with industry advisor Malcolm Graham-Wood and Spencer Welch, director of oil markets at IHS Markit. Submit your questions now or during the live show Use the comments section at the bottom of the blog (even if you're not an IG client or not logged in) and we'll put them to the panel. If there are any questions which we don't get to in the live show our senior sales traders will look to get you an answer and continue the discussion. We'll also look to answer questions posted here. UPDATE at 13.01: minor technical issues will cause a delay with the start of the stream. I will update when we're live. UPDATE at 13.07: This is now live on the platform only. We'll push to Community afterwards. UPDATE at 14.10: The live show is now accessible above. With so much uncertainty surrounding the future of the oil market, we’ll be taking a look at how the industry changes might influence the price of oil. You can watch the live stream at 1pm (UK time) via the trading platform.
  11. Hi @jabroni - when transferring shares out of IG you need to be in contact with the new broker you are moving your positions to. In most cases this involves you filling out a form on their side. As you noted above, the rejection seems to have come from your new broker, not IG, rejecting your form due to you not filling in the specific lines of stock (or all stock lines) you are looking to transfer. We'll look to get this resolved as soon as you have completed their requirements for transfer.
  12. I have just had a look at your account and it looks like it's open and ready for you to trade on. Please try again and if you have any issues let me know.
  13. Hi - unfortunately this isn't an option I'm afraid.
  14. thanks for the request. this has now been added.