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  1. JamesIG

    IG is busy annoying me

    I've just checked and can see that you should now be able to get 0.25 of a £1 contract (i.e. the equivalent of 25p per point movement) on both Brent and US Crude oil. I believe this should have resolved your issue and brought those minimums back in line. EDIT: it also looks like we have resolved the instance of UK clients having EUR contracts on their accounts. Let me know if this isn't the case.
  2. hi @yogitree - in this instance the only time you're going to be able to cancel your order is ten minutes before the market opens. In other words from 7.50am until 8am (when the market opens) . You can also do this in the post market up to 5pm. You can of course do it in the main session, however any time outside of this or the times quoted above wouldn't be possible.
  3. JamesIG

    IG is busy annoying me

    Hi - let me just look into this for you. If any other clients are experiencing this please let me know by adding a comment below. Put simply, a UK CFD clients shouldn't have access to Euro denominations. Whilst you can change this via the following drop down, there should be consistency between the minimums. We'll investigate this but as above - any additional accounts would be useful. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
  4. Unfortunately you are unable to change an order when the market is closed, for the simple fact that the underlying exchange is closed and isn't accepting orders (for example the LSE or NYSE). In some instances you can call us during the auction period to amend orders, however this will depend on the exchange itself. Let me know what specifically you are trading and I'll be able to give further information.
  5. This week sees Brexit negotiations between the UK and EU come to the forefront once more. IG's own Sara Walker will be joined by Nick Cawley from Daily FX and Simon French, Chief Economist to UK merchant bank Panmure Gordon, to discuss how the meetings outcome could affect the FX market. The second #IGForexChat You can join us on Thursday 18 October at 6.30pm (BST) live on IGTV to get involved with the conversation. Submit your questions directly to the panel by adding your questions below, or by replying live in real time using the #IGForexChat hashtag on a number of social media platforms. Topics to cover can be defined by you and other IG clients, so make sure you get your questions in now. Overview of how the pound (EURGBP/GBPUSD) has been affected together with other indicators such as FTSE 100 What the possible outcomes of the next Brexit talks look like? Is Brexit also affecting other currencies such as the Euro/Dollar? Trading tips depending on final deals The speakers Simon French: Chief Economist at the UK merchant bank, Panmure Gordon & Company. He is a Top-5 ranked economist in the City’s Extel rankings and has a monthly column for The Times newspaper. Prior to joining Panmure Gordon he was a Senior Civil Servant, latterly at the Cabinet Office as Chief of Staff to the UK Government’s Chief Operating Officer. He holds an Undergraduate and Postgraduate degree in Economics & Finance from Durham University and is a member of the Government Economic Service and the Society of Professional Economists. Nick Cawley: more than 30 years of experience covering a wide range of financial markets and instruments. After nearly two decades of trading and broking a variety of fixed-income products, Nick turned his hand to reporting and analysing macro and micro events in the fixed income and foreign exchange sectors. Submit your questions now Get involved with the #IGForexChat and put your questions to Simon and Nick. Submit your questions below.
  6. Hi all (and specifically @TrendFollower ) We have an interview with Mike Edwards, president and co-founder of Argo Blockchain PLC tomorrow and just wanted to ask Community members if they have any questions they would like to ask? Feel free to add them below and tag me with an @ symbol.
  7. JamesIG

    Withdraw fees (Malaysia)

    Bank withdrawals shouldn't have any charge from IG. This may be down to charges on your banks side, or any FX conversion rates then apply.
  8. JamesIG

    canadian market shares

    You should be able to purchase via a CFD or spread bet (UK only). Currently the position can't be opened with a guaranteed stop, and you can't short the spread bet forwards contract.
  9. You can view history in the App via a list. Go to More > History > Activity and then you can select your time frame. You can also get a list via the desktop platform, or by requesting an overview of your account history from us directly (via email).
  10. Hi all - for others in Community who stumble upon this question, please note it has been answered here
  11. JamesIG

    DMA for shares possible in an ISA?

    Hey @EdMiller - just to confirm, when you are in your CFD account and executing DMA you are buying and selling directly on the LSE (or whichever exchange you are looking at). We hold the stock as a CFD on the back end, but for the execution side of things you are dealing directly in the market. As stated above, for ownership rights you wouldn't be eligible. If you are in a share dealing or ISA account type then you can also deal DMA. The stock is then held in your account via a nominee account format.
  12. Hey @Kitchen - this is something which our client money / credit team will have to initiate manually. Please can you drop an email from your registered email address (unfortunately I can't take the request over Community) to helpdesk@ig.com with the value you are looking to withdraw, and a confirmation of the account details you are looking to withdraw to. alternatively you can give us a call and make the request verbally. Hope this clarifies the process.
  13. JamesIG

    Wall street finish up

    I believe you are referring to binary trades or sprint markets? If you are inside europe you wouldn't be able to do this anymore, due to a change in regulation. If you are outside europe you may still be able to depending on your location. Where abouts are you based?
  14. I'd have to have a look into the specifics of that curiouslyQ - can i suggest you login to community via https://community.ig.com/login and comment below so I'd be able to link your demo acc to your query? Possibly a limit was hit, possibly you were trading a future or there was an expiry? I would have to check.... You will be seeing leverage on your account though. The regular 'retail' margin is 3.33% if you're a European client https://www.ig.com/uk/help-and-support/spread-betting-and-cfds/fees-and-charges/what-are-igs-forex-spread-bet-product-details
  15. JamesIG

    buy shares means really buy, or leverage?

    This would depend on the account type you are referring to. Are you talking about leveraged accounts like CFD (or spread betting for the UK) or a share dealing account? On the leveraged offering you hold a contract on the price action. On share dealing you own the stock, but via a custodian account model type. Let me know if you would like a further clarification.