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  1. have you been shorting this market?
  2. "161 hours 40 minutes a week" or "24/6, plus 18 hours minus 20 minutes on FX and 2 minutes on indices" didn't have quite the same ring to it I imagine....
  3. also do you know if this is fixed or varies
  4. True but also let me know how else I can trade fx which settles at the globally traded fx rate on sunday night especially over weekends with brexit! exclusivity means it lacks competition and can put a premium on it
  5. Login, go to platform, search ‘weekend gbpusd’ , trade it.
  6. Beyond meat IPO lock up period ends 29th Oct should be of interest. 9,625,000 at offer price of 25 USD coming back online. spicy.
  7. very useful tool! would like advanced visualizations like this in the platform
  8. Don’t you need a certain level of qualification to trade leverage ETFs?
  9. Don’t trade intraday 😇 how long have you been trading?
  10. left click on book cost figure (it'll go underlined) and then put in what you purchased it for.
  11. Interesting read thanks. My 2 cent / question.