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  1. ...wrong again. GBP was very uneventful on the open. 😂
  2. GBP will be interesting on the open...
  3. Stellar a clear winner in Question 1, but EOS by a nose in Question 2. What does that tell us!
  4. cryptos having a pretty good day today as well.
  5. Haven’t IG specifically said NEW positions tho?
  6. Yup it’s an extension which is likely to not be supported and rightly so. Otherwise people click on the link and it’ll auto download software which no one wants. id remove the links if I was you and link to a webpage. Again as said about even that may be seen as promotion...
  7. I’m going to follow these steps and post results for companies on Monday after the open. Looking forward to a dividend post too great and very useful post thanks
  8. 247trader

    Tariffs spook markets - EMEA brief 11th July

    oil no longer in that pull back after the biggest draw since 2016 apparently! But there have been bigger pull backs immediately and we're actually lower than we were at the start...
  9. 247trader

    gold market discussion

    Great piece - nothing like a good bit of manipulation in the macro markets. Lets be honest we are kidding ourselves if all the major global players aren't trying to manipulate the markets. European and western guys just call it 'quantitative easing' though.
  10. Looking like a really tough time for the Lira. In just one year it has devalued maybe 40% against the USD which is crazy. You'd have some good holidays on the cheap if you're looking for a last minute get away! Seems to be at a point of resistance at the moment but rising volume and higher lows....
  11. 247trader

    Boris quits - GBP tanks

    Doesn’t bother me if the mods are signing off first. TF, yeh I think that’s a by far fetched. 202925, lol someone’s bitter. Maybe happy medium and only allow newbies to post in the new section?
  12. 247trader

    Trade wars, brexit and the Fed - DFX key themes

    Useful. Hopefully a perminant feature...
  13. I didn't know where else to post this, but it had to be shared. https://news.sky.com/story/trump-angry-baby-blimp-gets-green-light-to-fly-over-london-during-presidents-visit-11426665
  14. Nice. Think this is a pretty useful post.
  15. 247trader

    Irma Sends Florida's Orange Crop to at 76-Year Low

    Certainly looks like it could. Looking at this article https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-44567636 they put it up there with whiskey and motorbikes. There is a full list of things here http://trade.ec.europa.eu/doclib/docs/2018/may/tradoc_156909.pdf regarding OJ...