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Product feature: Custom Trading Hours on ProRealTime

Hello IG Community ProRealTime is an advanced charting software and trading platform. ProRealTime's high quality charts, analytic tools and reliable market data received directly from the exchanges make it a powerful decision support tool.  Our first product feature is custom trading hours on ProRealTime.   We will cover how to enable custom trading hours and weekend data, how the setting affects market groups and how to adjust your charts to reflect historic dividend and rollo

The CPI and Forex: How CPI Data Affects Currency Prices

In this article, we’ll explore CPI and forex trading, looking at what traders should know about the Consumer Price Index to make informed decisions. We’ll cover what CPI is as a concept, the CPI release dates, how to interpret CPI, and what to consider when trading forex against CPI data. WHAT IS CPI AND WHY DOES IT MATTER TO FOREX TRADERS? The Consumer Price Index, better known by the acronym CPI, is an important economic indicator released on a regular basis by major economies t


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IG Webinar: The importance of psychology in trading

Hello IG Community   Delve inside your mind How does psychology impact trading? Discover the factors that can influence financial decisions – personality, emotions and moods, biases and social pressures – and hear from experts and traders about the challenges psychology can create.   Webinar We are glad to inform you that we will be hosting a webinar on the importance of psychology in trading with Christopher Beauchamp, IG's Chief Market Analyst, he will intro


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How to Read a Candlestick Chart

READING CANDLESTICK CHARTS – TALKING POINTS: Candlestick charts differ greatly from the traditional bar chart Traders generally prefer using candlestick charts for day-trading because they offer an enjoyable visual perception of price It’s important to understand the key components of a candle, and what they indicate, to apply candlestick chart analysis to a trading strategy WHAT IS A CANDLESTICK CHART? A candlestick chart is simply a chart composed of individ

Find Your Forex Entry Point: 3 Entry Strategies To Try

WHAT IS A FOREX ENTRY POINT? A forex entry point is the level or price at which a trader enters into a trade (buy/sell). Deciding on a forex entry point can be complex for traders because of the abundance of variable inputs that move the forex market. This article will cover how to enter a forex trade and outline the following entry strategies: Trend channels Breakouts Candlestick patterns WHEN IS THE BEST TIME TO ENTER A FOREX TRADE? The best time to enter a f

Central Bank Watch: BOE & ECB Interest Rate Expectations Update

CENTRAL BANK WATCH OVERVIEW: While some semblance of stimulus reduction has already begun, the BOE doesn’t seem to think inflation pressures are anything more than transitory. The ECB doesn’t meet again until September, though there has been plenty of signaling that extraordinary policy measures will be sticking around. Retail trader positioning suggests that EUR/USD has a bullish bias while GBP/USD has a bearish bias. INFLATION? WHAT INFLATION? In this edition

How to Trade After a News Release

Traders need to learn how to navigate volatile markets by implementing a solid trading plan and adopting sound risk management. This article provides effective tools for traders looking to trade post release. Other articles in this series: An introduction to forex news trading How to trade before a news release Trading FX during a news release POST-RELEASE TRADING STRATEGIES 1. Trend following strategy This strategy involves the use of multiple time

Implied Volatility: What is it & Why Should Traders Care?

Implied volatility, synonymous with expected volatility, is a variable that shows the degree of movement expected for a given market or security. Often labeled as IV for short, implied volatility quantifies the anticipated magnitude, or size, of a move in an underlying asset. WHAT IS IMPLIED VOLATILITY? Implied volatility is a number displayed in percentage terms reflecting the level of uncertainty, or risk, perceived by traders. IV readings, which are derived from the Black-Scho

How Central Banks Impact the Forex Market

THE ROLE OF CENTRAL BANKS IN THE FOREX MARKET Central banks are mainly responsible for maintaining inflation in the interest of sustainable economic growth while contributing to the overall stability of the financial system. When central banks deem it necessary they will intervene in financial markets in line with the defined “Monetary Policy Framework”. The implementation of such policy is highly monitored and anticipated by forex traders seeking to take advantage of resulting curren

Forex Vs Stocks: Top Differences & How to Trade Them

Traders often compare forex vs stocks to determine which market is better to trade. Despite being interconnected, the forex and stock market are vastly different. The forex market has unique characteristics that set it apart from other markets, and in the eyes of many, also make it far more attractive to trade. When choosing to trade forex or stocks, it often comes down to knowing which trading style suits you best. But knowing the differences and similarities between the stock and forex ma

The Federal Reserve Bank: A Forex Trader’s Guide

The Federal Reserve System (the Fed) was founded in 1913 by the United States Congress. The Fed’s actions and policies have a major impact on currency value, affecting many trades involving the US Dollar. Find out about the history of the Fed, its influence on USD and how to trade Fed monetary policy decisions. WHAT IS THE FEDERAL RESERVE? The Federal Reserve is the central bank of the United States. It was founded to create a stable, flexible monetary and financial system for th

The CPI and Forex: How CPI Data Affects Currency Prices

In this article, we’ll explore CPI and forex trading, looking at what traders should know about the Consumer Price Index to make informed decisions. We’ll cover what CPI is as a concept, the CPI release dates, how to interpret CPI, and what to consider when trading forex against CPI data. WHAT IS CPI AND WHY DOES IT MATTER TO FOREX TRADERS? The Consumer Price Index, better known by the acronym CPI, is an important economic indicator released on a regular basis b

How to Research Stocks: A Step by Step Guide

Researching stocks involves incorporating multiple sources of information, deduction and strategies, all whilst markets are constantly transforming. Stock traders and investors need to know what information is useful to them as well as the most efficient and accurate way to go about stock research. This article will explore key aspects of researching stocks: How to get started A step by step guide to stock research Stock research toolbox How to do research on stoc

New Members Guide

Welcome to the IG Community that offers many benefits for financial markets education. We promote autonomous learning by providing opportunities for traders to take more control of their learning. This space allows you to express your trading ideas or trading news you find interesting as well as interact with other likeminded traders.      Promoted news (Our Picks) – Why it’s there ?   This will help you grow with your knowledge of the financial markets understandi


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NFP and Forex: What is NFP and How to Trade It?

NFP and Forex Trading: MAIN TALKING POINTS Non-Farm Payrolls (NFP) releases create volatility in the forex market. NFP measures net changes in employment jobs. Forex traders use an economic calendar to prepare for NFP releases.   What is the NFP? The non-farm payroll (NFP) figure is a key economic indicator for the United States economy. It represents the number of jobs added, excluding farm employees, government employees, private household employees and

Futures prices vs spot prices: what are the differences?

Spot prices and future prices have some things in common, but it’s essential to understand the differences between futures vs spot when trading any asset. Learn more in this guide. What’s on this page? The difference between spot and futures: an overview What is a spot market and spot pricing? What is a futures market and futures pricing? Futures vs spot

Introduction to Basic Trendline Analysis

In this series we will piece together the anatomy of a swing trade and discuss the tools along with the methodology used to construct a basic trade setup. While no one single strategy is perfect, these best practices can be utilized in conjunction with your own trading strategy to identify more favorable entry / exit points in trending market environments. Trendlines are the simplest and single most important (and largely underutilized) tool in your trading arsenal. Extending a line off key

4 Effective Trading Indicators Every Trader Should Know

By Tyler Yell, CMT, Currency Strategist. 27th July 2021. DailyFX     When your forex trading adventure begins, you’ll likely be met with a swarm of different methods for trading. However, most trading opportunities can be easily identified with just one of four chart indicators. Once you know how to use the Moving Average, RSI, Stochastic, & MACD indicator, you’ll be well on your way to executing your trading

Why Most Traders Fail and How to Increase Trading Success

WHAT IS THE NUMBER ONE MISTAKE TRADERS MAKE? Big financial market volatility and growing access for the average person have made active trading very popular, but the influx of new traders has met with mixed success. There are certain patterns which may separate profitable traders from those who ultimately lose money. And indeed, there is one particular mistake that in our experience gets repeated time and time again. What is the single most important mistake that led to traders losing

How to Short Sell a Stock When Trading Falling Markets

Shorting a stock involves selling a borrowed stock in the anticipation of buying the same stock back at a lower future price and pocketing the difference. Short selling is a normal part of an active trader’s plan as it presents traders with the ability to benefit from an advancing market and a declining one. This article makes use of examples to explain what short selling is, why it is important and lists the top things to consider when short selling stocks.   WHAT IS SHORT SELLIN

Moving Average (MA) Explained for Traders

INTRODUCTION TO MOVING AVERAGES: Moving Average – Talking Points: What is a moving average? How do you calculate moving average? What is the purpose of moving averages? How do you interpret moving averages? WHAT IS A MOVING AVERAGE? In technical analysis, the moving average is an indicator used to represent the average closing price of the market over a specified period of time. Traders often make use of moving averages as it can be a good indicati

What is Earnings Season & What to Look for in Earnings Reports?

Earnings season provides a great opportunity for equity traders to gain insight on stocks they have invested in, while also offering context to potential share price moves. Read on for more on what earnings season is, earning announcement dates to know, and what to look for in an earnings report. WHAT IS EARNINGS SEASON & WHY IS IT IMPORTANT? Earnings season is a period each fiscal quarter, usually lasting several weeks, where many of the largest listed companies announce their lat

The Basics of Technical Analysis

AN INTRODUCTION TO TECHNICAL ANALYSIS Technical analysis is becoming an increasingly popular approach to trading, thanks in part to the advancement in charting packages and trading platforms. However, for a novice trader, understanding technical analysis – and how it can help predict trends in the market - can be daunting and challenging. Technical analysis is the study of price movements in a market, whereby traders make use of historic chart patterns and indicators to predict future

Dividend Adjustments 5th July 2021 - 12th July 2021

Please see the expected dividend adjustment figures for a number of our major indices for the week commencing 5th July 2021. If you have any queries or questions on this please let us know in the comments section below. For further information regarding dividend adjustments, and how they affect  your positions, please take a look at the video.   NB: All dividend adjustments are forecasts and therefore speculative. A dividend adjustment is a cash neutral adjustment on your account.

Trading Forex at the News Release

Trading Forex at the News Release Trading forex news releases requires a tremendous amount of composure, preparation and a well-defined strategy. Without these qualities, traders can easily get swept up in all the excitement of a fast-moving market to their detriment. This article provides useful strategies on how to trade forex news during a major news release.   FOREX NEWS TRADING STRATEGIES There are two common strategies for trading forex at the news release: I
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