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US Independence Day opening hours



US Independence Day opening hours 2020

There will be some changes to our normal opening hours over the US Independence Day period – between Wednesday 1 and Monday 6 July. Check the table below, and find out how the changes could impact your trading.

Wednesday 1 July

Canadian shares closed

The Cannabis Index closed

Thursday 2 July

Lumber closes early at 6.05pm

CBOT Grains close early at 6.05pm

Livestock futures close early at 6.15pm

Friday 3 July

US equities and soft commodities closed

US index futures close early at 6pm. We’ll make out-of-hours prices on Wall St, US 500, US Russell 2000 and US Tech 100 between 6pm and 9pm. 24 Hour indices close at 9pm

US interest rates and the dollar index close early at 6pm

The VIX closes early at 4.30pm

US Crude, Gold and Silver close early at 6pm. Brent Crude and London Gas Oil close early at 6.30pm

London Sugar closes at 5pm

Monday 6 July

Livestock futures opens at 2.30pm

Lumber opens at 3pm

The hours listed here are all in UK time. This information is accurate to the best of our knowledge, but it’s possible that these hours could change. We’ll return to normal trading hours after this period.



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