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Wild-eyed Goldman banshee roasts the retail investor.

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Key takeaways:

- Goldman Sachs loves the fact that the Fed is providing unlimited liquidity to the 'market'.  This is also known as corporate socialism, and the bourgeoisie are drink and high AF on unlimited cash.  (I also suspect from her wild eyes and speed she's talking at that she might have had a wee 'sniff' before coming on air.)

- The retail punter is the pig that gets slaughtered.  Witness Herz.  It's far more sensible to rely on a professional active investor to choose your portfolio than have a punt yourself.  Price/earnings and all that shijazzle.  Amateurs, GTFO or else you'll be slaughtered.

- Cash will get sloshed around to buy depressed stocks and dips - this is not a time to short.



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