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  1. Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques: A Contemporary Guide to the Ancient Investment Techniques of the Far East, Second Edition by Amazon Media EU S.à r.l. Learn more: https://smile.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00CS74GBM/
  2. Will be lucky to get returns of 6 - 7 % nowadays. Always remember that the only people who get much richer in the world of finance are people who are rich to begin with! Get out of this as soon as you get a chance and collect 'professional fees' and 'spreads', because that's the only reliable source of income in the world of trading.
  3. Apropos of market abuse, it must be good to play golf with Orange Fury and place your bets before the tweets ... Unknown actors may have made billions from the turmoil Donald Trump has created in the markets through erratic tweets, shoot-from-the-hip foreign policy, and the trade war with China, according to a new report. A Vanity Fair deep-dive into stock market activity has uncovered several instances where advantageous trades were made suspiciously close to market-moving events. https://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/mystery-traders-made-1-8bn-191335812.html
  4. This video popped up on my recommended list:
  5. Sirius Minerals Chief Executive Chris Fraser has been quoted in The Times as saying that “They [bulletin boards] have these people sitting in their basements in their sweatpants, giving them investment advice — unregulated, unlicensed — and people follow them.” Chris Fraser sounds like a complete **** and I'm sure that's the reason his company is doing badly.
  6. Yes, me too. They are of course 'championing our trading' by threatening to throw us under the bus to save their own skins. Very nice people.
  7. https://uk.reuters.com/article/us-ethiopia-airplane-boeing-exclusive/exclusive-boeing-2016-internal-messages-suggest-employees-may-have-misled-faa-on-737-max-sources-idUKKBN1WX25G Is anyone surprised? These big corporations always put profits before people's lives
  8. A difficult one to know how to trade as there are so many unfilled gaps. Would never have thought the entire industry would shed so much value and be worth less than it was a year ago.
  9. The vote has little significance if there will be an extension given if they vote no. They can keep this up indefinitely.
  10. Euro/USD rallying like a mofo! 👍
  11. Surely the only way is up from here ...
  12. CBD oil is apparently very good for joint pain, anxiety. But a single bottle is almost $100 I think. Said to be good for insomnia too. And they have 'vape' like products for cannabis. Lots of potential for a healthy market there ...
  13. I've heard that weed products in California are super high quality but very expensive.
  14. I got my timing wrong - went in long today before it slid back down under the 76.4% level. But I will go long if we get an end-of-day close above it, aiming to go all the way up to 13175!
  15. How is that Brent rally going? According to IG's Christ Beauchamp it was a good 'trade of the week' two weeks ago and is still looking good this week. Do you agree?
  16. Really? I would follow the charts ... everyone (including Reuters, the IC trader) was saying the pound can't possibly keep going higher, then it will go higher because old shorts were being unwound, and now it can't possibly go higher, meanwhile it keeps going higher and higher ... follow the charts, ditch the preconceived notions about what the market 'should' be doing, right?
  17. If that's all there was to it, nobody would have bothered inventing all these stupid convergence/divergence 'indicators' (all of which work equally well because they are all equally useless). Even Burton Malkiel says he never met a chartist who actually managed to make any money.
  18. @nit2wynit I'm restricting myself to daily/weekly charts only and drastically cutting down the amount I trade. @Caseynotes I wouldn't read too much into the supposed trading history of any individual. If we learn one thing, it's that the stock market is full of fraud and bullsh!t and an endless supply of suckers waving their wallets in the air and just begging to get taken over a barrel. As we all know by now, all traders get out of the day trading/charting BS as soon as they get half a chance.
  19. Why would IG do that? There will be a last-minute Brexit deal and all will be well.
  20. Toss a coin - go long if it's heads, go short if it's tails. You've got a better chance of winning than if you use 'technical analysis'