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  1. Tom? How many years and you've never shown any trades?
  2. Okay, go ahead and get me banned. That will also give you something else to do. And you didn't tell me how much it costs, or do I have to PM you for that?
  3. What are you here for except to brag about the size of your w!lly? Are you selling your services via PM?
  4. Tom, you call me a bullsh!tter. But you have far more experience in bullsh!tting than I do
  5. How many years and he's never shared a trade. You're tighter than a Scotch man Tom.
  6. dmedin


    How much are you selling it for, and why aren't you a millionaire yet? Share it with your family and you'll all be millionaires. So you can spend your time in tropical paradise instead of posting to desperate gullible b4stards on here
  7. dmedin


    F*king hell, what are you proving there?
  8. And are you actually trading any forex? My advice to anyone reading this is, don't go f*king near it
  9. I have no respect for you guys, because you are sitting on money-printing schemes (AndrewS with his 1500 wins out of 1700 and JLZ with his instant money-making machine that doesn't even require looking at charts) and you aren't sitting in the Bahamas yet, selling expensive training courses. WTF are you deadbeats doing with your lives? At least you could use that unlimited money printing to ameliorate world poverty and suffering
  10. That's great Charlotte. Another big financial scam (after Nikola and Sh!te Dance) to f*k the retail punter up the a*se with. Come on you clueless b4stards, line up over here in dunces' corner
  11. dmedin


    Have any of these guys actually shown you a working 'system' yet? And if they somehow did, would you copy it? Are you aware that no retail traders are making money from trading ... ?
  12. You'd think the 75 per cent or more of people who keep losing money would consider doing that 🤔
  13. How is 'trading the news' on one minute time frame working out for you? Aren't you tempted to start selling TA courses yet?
  14. How do you trade sideways moves like that Tom? Surely you would lose f*k tons of money if you even tried
  15. Why are you listening to these clueless c&nts? Have you not seen that all of them simply exist to prey on gullible retail punters?
  16. Oops! I lost f*k tons more money again. What am I doing wrong Tom?
  17. Have you managed to 'get it up' at the eleventh hour Jeffrey 🤓
  18. You don't have to, amigo. You heard of futures?
  19. Hark now Gabrielle, hath the trumpet of the L-rd been sounded?