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  1. 'The weekend prices for indices and forex are quoted separately to their weekday counterparts, based on our view of the prospects for that market given client business and news flow' Apparently the weekend indices are priced on IG's 'views' of where the price 'should be'. This is astonishing and I don't know how they can get away with that. In other words it's entirely arbitrary, so you might find enormous gaps appearing as the real indices open on Sunday night/Monday morning. This presents a distorted picture of market action and should probably, actually be banned in all honesty.
  2. Suicide, domestic abuse, inability to get to a doctor - I could add a few others like having to put up with people's BS leading to relationship breakdowns, vulnerable people being exploited/neglected, likely increase in animal cruelty and neglect. Ah joy of joys. Almost makes you think 250,000 dead would have been worth it https://www.reuters.com/investigates/special-report/health-coronavirus-usa-cost/
  3. Read 'The Intelligent Investor' - bombastic stilted b*llocks that essentially says, 'Prices go up and down and we can't predict them.' So there you have it, the best investing wisdom on the market
  4. Basically - read one of these books like 'The New Market Wizards'. All fund managers are full of BS, most of them get lucky and quit while they're still ahead, and if they are dumb enough to keep playing the game too long they eventually lose money. Some of them can even get it wrong everytime and still get prime time in the MSM - look up James Cramer on Wikipedia. If an 'idea' comes out of one of these tools' brains that should automatically make you scream 'BULLSH!T'!
  5. Remember to 'protect the NHS' - the NHS isn't there to protect you. We all know that the real reason for the NHS is to give jobs to millions of people, and for private companies (and politicians) to get big juicy contracts at the taxpayers' expense. It's got f&k all to do with provision of health - that's just a side effect of the operation
  6. Got called an '@rsehole' for walking too close to an Australian woman on my way from Lidl today. At times like these people's REAL natures come out. So f&king glad I didn't marry one of these *****
  7. So really the sensible thing to have done was to go short some time ago, possibly adding shorts on rallies. Trying to trade in and out on a daily basis just leads to frustration and lost money, as these intra-day consolidations are more or less random noise. Sounds like a familiar story.
  8. From a psychological point of view, the depression seems to be just starting to sink in. If that view is correct then an eventual recovery (significant and sustained change in psychology) won't come for many months - many people have already written off 2020 (the entire year). I also believe it will take a big, concerted effort to lift people's spirits again after this.
  9. https://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-health-coronavirus-britain/britain-unlikely-to-lift-coronavirus-lockdown-until-end-of-may-government-expert-idUKKBN21M07U Scars like these take a long time to heal.
  10. Will somebody please put me out of my misery ...
  11. What this means in practice is that wages have to continue to be repressed, instead consumers will take on more and more debt and renounce the idea of ownership (they will be perpetual renters).
  12. Or maybe not ... who knows ... 🧐🤔🤨🙃🤥
  13. You want them to get infected by clients' dirty forms 🧐🤣
  14. A doji tug-o'-war was fought on the four hour chart, now it seems to be headed southward 🧐
  15. Nothing doing. Hardly any movement. It's just unbearable
  16. I think it's crazy to spread bet on these commodities with such high margin requirements and huge spreads (cocoa and coffee among them). Why won't IG offer call/put options on them?!!!
  17. Has Doobie got a secret ace up his sleeve? 🧐
  18. Yes, I want to know about this too. For example if asked to provide screenshots when this happens - it might be better to turn on screen recording software when trading, because it's tricky to remember to take constant screenshots everyday.
  19. True. I've signed up to try a few others but learning a different platform is a chore, I'm so lazy.
  20. @AndrewK Did you get affected by that spike? I've seen those spikes many times but never had an active trade open when they appear. I would be very upset if I did.
  21. It took time for the damage to build up and I daresay it will take time for things to recover. Even if the curfews were lifted tomorrow morning, would people immediately resume their previous way of life? I doubt it. People have been ground down by fear and negativity into a state of depression, and it will take an equal or greater effort to lift them out of it. Is the media prepared to run positive stories and lift people's spirits instead of pandering to the worst elements of human nature?