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  1. BUY THE DIPS! 🥳🐮
  2. No I haven't, but if one cannot master Dow Theory then why even bother with EWP ...
  3. True, but Dow Theory is easier to master than EWP.
  4. Free and easy money. The worst thing is people having nothing to do, buildings being empty, machinery unused, and everyone feeling miserable.
  5. A rentier, you know, someone who lives off high interest rates or landed property. They extract money by virtue of having money, and prevent money being used for productive things.
  6. I don't believe that pensioners should have to live off savings. They should get a pension from the state (or better, from their employers) that allows them to live in dignity.
  7. Higher highs and lower lows? Sounds like Dow Theory 😮
  8. If firms reliant on low interest rates are 'zombies', what does that make rentiers who accumulate profit from high interest rates without doing any useful work? How about 'vampires'? They certainly suck the blood out of society.
  9. There's nothing inherently wrong with businesses going bust and jobs being destroyed so long as there are new ones created and people can be helped into them. What are the chances? Large parts of the country haven't recovered from what happened in the 1980s. The concentration of wealth in the south east has led to massive overcrowding and general unpleasantness. What makes anyone think the Tories will do anything about it this time? They say markets hate uncertainty, well what about people with homes and families? Are they all just expected to relocate to London, rent a room in a smelly flat for an extortionate fee and 'crack on'? Trade off some fleeting prosperity/luxury in exchange for some stability and sustainability ... that's just a sensible thing to do.
  10. Pretty soon the plebs are going to see what the Tory vision for post-EU Britain really is. A future of insecure, sporadic and poorly-paid employment for the many. A return to feudalism and kissing rich people's feet for one's daily bread.
  11. British business is struggling ... so the answer is to 'kill all the zombies' Yes, because what we really need are millions of unemployed people ... that will definitely be good for wealth generation.
  12. dmedin


    Jezza said it might be an exhaustion gap?
  13. I think you need an accountant to answer this for you. The real reason we have such complex tax laws is to keep highly-paid accountants and lawyers in a job
  14. I agree, but I would also add that if you have put on a position and the price has gone really far away (e.g. a long before Christmas) then you should really be holding on to it, adjusting your stops and adding positions and not trading 'in and out' on a daily basis.
  15. It's the opposite, I don't think I'm cut out for day trading. I still would have been better off keeping a position open from Christmas, even now. I zoomed out to the day chart and the overall picture was so much clearer than when looking at the hourly. (Although you could argue that the up-and-down nature of the hourly was actually evidence of a correction taking place - so always best to start longer-term and 'zoom in' if you're so inclined.)
  16. Not looking good right now.
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    So was I until about 20 minutes ago 😥
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    Wait for a pullback and short down to $60? 🤔
  19. dmedin


    Price of oil is in freefall now.
  20. Nobody likes Clinton ... she's an evil old witch 🤪
  21. U.S. Tech 100 and S&P 500 both look positive. Also, Russell 2000 looking great!
  22. The bans on specific flavours of vape are ridiculous. Hopefully those regulations get overturned 😎 Don't forget cannabis! Vaping is a lot cleaner and easier than trying to roll up a doobie
  23. Looks like a sci-fi tornado or some kind of whirling vortex in outer space 😎