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Buy and Sell deals at the same time on the same market

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When i try to open a second deal on the market in the opposite direction it cancels (or partially cancels) the original deal. So I can have only SELL or only BUY deal on one market. IG help and support had a section about orders and limits where it tells "You can open two separate trades in the same market in the opposite direction. " Could somebody please clarify how to do it so I have two trades in the opposite direction on the same market at one time?

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Guest ChemOK
On 03/07/2020 at 10:51, 42pton said:

I don't see the force open option under settings on the IG desktop nor do I see it when attempting a new trade or order on my mobile and desktop

I use browser, it is at the bottom of the section "deal" and "order", you can put a new order and select that it is either off-set the existing order ("net off") or add it in ("force open"). I am not sure if it is possible on mobile app. 

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