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  1. Hi, yes you can, there is a period coverter with mt4 and in the IG download app pack but a better one you can download from this page. MT4 Period Converter - Use Custom Time Frames in Metatrader 4 (fxdayjob.com) Download the converter, make a copy from your download folder, paste it into the mt4 indicators folder (step 2). Open the navigator panel in mt4, right click and click Refresh, the new coverter should appear. Open a M1 Dow, drag and drop the Converter from the Navigator panel onto the M1 and follow the other steps on the web page. The chart you create is an of
  2. The PSY OPS looks like being ratcheted up a gear as the clowns prep to hit you with the impossible 'ZERO COVID' goal as the next instalment to keep this sh!tshow on the road. Remember scientists are just as easily bought off as politicians these days. Leaked emails from Zero-Covid advocacy group ISAG.
  3. Hi, shares bought through IG are registered in CHESS. IG uses the Custodian model because it allows for electronic share trading instead of paper share trading, also see below, and as Charlotte said in the thread she will reply after liaising with IG au on Monday.
  4. ''Mysterious COVID wave #3 tour dates: 18th Dec - ENG 80+ in the community. 27th Dec - SCO care homes. 8th Jan - ENG care homes. 10th Jan - SCO 80+ in the community. Vaccination data is just coincidental*. *Correlation does not equal causation.'' Joel Smalley @RealJoelSmalley 1h
  5. And of course while the emphasis remains on mass testing people who are not ill and not actually finding any covid at all, just false positives ... Three million people in the UK have missed out on cancer screenings since the start of the Covid pandemic. This has resulted in 350,000 people not being referred to hospital for urgent checks (@JamesMelville) Three million missed out on cancer checks after coronavirus put screening on hold | London Evening Standard | Evening Standard Almost half of people with potential cancer symptoms didn't seek help. 31% coughing up blood didn't and 41
  6. Last trading day of the month. Daily charts;
  7. ''Downdetector reports customers of E-Trade, TD Ameritrade, Charles Schwab, Robinhood, and Fidelity are experiencing outages and issues 30 minutes into the US cash session on Thursday. This comes as heavily-watched so-called 'meme stocks' are higher after yesterday's late-day gamma squeeze in GME (and AMC, among others). E-Trade outages and issues were detected around the cash session start. '' Most Major Retail Brokerages Suffer Outages As 'Meme Stock'-Mania Continues | ZeroHedge
  8. Oh dear another broker goes bust, never mind at least client funds were protected and punters got their money back, err - oh wait ... ''FCA Censures Now-Collapsed Premier FX The company’s deceased head paid business expenses with the clients’ funds.'' FCA Censures Now-Collapsed Premier FX | Finance Magnates
  9. The Lateral Flow test has a measured false positive rate (0.32%) unlike the PCR test which doesn't because it is being done differently in every lab. Latest week's test-and-trace data: 2,400,724 Innova tests (LFT) done , 7,548 positive. That's now 0.31% - below the 0.32% "false positive rate". @DHSCgovuk what are you doing to mitigate the chances that this test is now just wrongly isolating people? Jon Deeks @deeksj
  10. oh, err ok ... If you have covid symptoms don't go to a covid testing station or to your GP, as with any type of flu just resting up for a week to 10 days is all 99.9% of people need. Mass testing is of course for people who are not ill and so don't need a test, they will provide enough false positives to keep this farce on the road and scare the max number of people into taking the jab. (your GP surgery will tell you to phone 111 if you contact them with concerns over covid symptoms) False positives drive the fake covid 'cases' numbers, the fake covid 'hospital admissions'
  11. Interesting commodities index chart, sign of new times ahead?
  12. Daily chart levels, note mini chart changed to monthly;
  13. Soooo, the NHS are testing hundreds of thousands of people who are not ill while ignoring the millions on their waiting lists who are 👍 Meanwhile they tell us that even with the jab the same resrictions will apply, how can that even be? Simple. If you've had a corona type virus in the past you will have T-cell immunity (up to17 years and counting for SARS-CoV-2). If you've had Covid-19 you will have antibody immunity. If you've had the jab you will have vaccine immunity. The virus can still enter your body but your immune system will blast it into fragments. These
  14. Hi, mt4 has it's own live and demo account. Download IG's mt4 from here MetaTrader 4 | Start Trading with Spread Bets and CFDs | IG UK once mt4 is downloaded you can start a demo account with File > Open an account > and select IG demo data feed.
  15. It's probably too late for people to start waking up now, you've already handed over all your liberties and freedoms because of the threat of a virus that has an Infection Fatality Rate of just 0.23%. It was never 'about the science', as I pointed out in the early days of this thread and before on other threads, the numbers never added up and the empirical data coming out of Asian countries was completely ignored in favour of the fantastical models produced by Ferguson and co. Even the US Dems are suddenly waking up to the danger the blatant 'fascism' of our govts t
  16. Hi, generally when you open a chart it will be the cash chart, next to the asset name in the top left corner should be a small arrow for a dropdown box with the list of Futures charts.
  17. Hi, what platform were you using before, for spread bets the regulator sets the margin required not the broker, on the SB platform check the min position size and note the margin amount needed to place the trade.
  18. Hi, you will need to think which currency you will be mostly using though you can have multiple accounts of differing currencies. If most trades will be in GBP and you want to make withdrawls in GBP then stick with that.
  19. Instead of being a DH why don't you just use the complaints service? it's not hard. If after that you are still not satisfied you can then take it up with the FCA. Find the links at the bottom of IG's web page.
  20. you may have missed the date of that post, would be interested to know how tech plan to run the old platform (if they intend to) without Flash, not sure it's possible.
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