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  1. Ha ha, I never even looked, I thought you needed to register before playing. no, no patterns just structure 🧐
  2. Housing starts booming in the US, today's data and graph;
  3. How is your trading game? Find out with this free trading game based on real historical market data. How the game works Get a chart with 10 months of data Place a bet by going long or short Find out what you traded and how much you gained or lost How good of a trader are you? Find out now! LongShortGame is free. Create an account to see statistics and participate in leaderboards. https://longshortgame.com/
  4. ha yes, implied volatility is a dead give away.
  5. There is potentially more liquidity available for FX than any other market, just little incentive to use it at the moment (low volatility). Traders have been watching the fundamentals and been quite happy to watch the eurusd go sideways for a year and a half. Choose your markets wisely, Dax and Ftse have a spread of just 1 point, Dow 1.6 points, also take a look at the main commodities. Yes, stay away from high spreads, they instantly put you at a disadvantage.
  6. Larry Tentarelli @LMT978 "Here's what works best for me: a consistent, technical process a narrow set of rules that excludes random trades, trade w/ the main trend trade one direction, long or short, no predictions no opinions, small losers/bigger winners, scaling partial gains while holding the core position"
  7. at the first sign of resistance, buy and hold not as easy as it sounds then? 🧐
  8. FX is near historic volatility lows which means little movement and tight ranges making FX very difficult to trade. I've written about this else where on the forum in the past (somewhere). The alternatives are to increase the size of your account and so enable increased bet sizes, concentrate on only the most volatile pairs, concentrate trading around news events where volatility is raised or simply find better markets to trade, indices are doing will at the mo 🙂 https://www.nasdaq.com/articles/why-fx-volatility-has-been-falling-and-what-to-do-about-it-2019-11-08 "there’s no doubt about it – volatility in the foreign exchange markets has been falling recently. The Deutsche Bank historical volatility index of the major G7 currencies, while not quite back to the lows of 2014, is certainly getting there."
  9. Some global economic bellwethers and what's not. (h/t themarketear)
  10. Dow and S&P continue into clear space. Dax still trying to kick free of key resistance. Ftse still looking for a lift.
  11. Indices continue upward, Bonds down, Oil and Gold up overnight. Today UK retail sales at 9:30am. EU CPI at 10am. US housing data at 1:30pm. US Mich consumer senti at 3pm. @Charlotte, just to note loading the platform has been incomplete all week (see blank spaces below), never been a problem before.
  12. not sure what you are trying to say, you may have heard this from me before though, indicators are just a guide but price action on appropriate chart structure is real so learn chart structure. on the chart above there is down trend and then consolidation, another down leg and then consolidation, a break to the upside then consolidation followed by a break up and lastly a reversal bar. There aren't any pullbacks on this chart. Learn chart structure.
  13. twitter.com › Guruleaks1 › status GuruLeaks on Twitter: "Sven Henrich aka @Northmantrader ... 23 Mar 2017 - Replying to @Guruleaks1 @NorthmanTrader @CNBC. be aware of market gurus who don't trade with real money. Henrich doesn't manage ... twitter.com › Guruleaks1 › status GuruLeaks on Twitter: "Be suspect if ur Guru doesn't eat his ... 23 Mar 2017 - Always ask to see ur gurus verified P/L, many pretend to trade while collecting sub ... Replying to @Guruleaks1 @NorthmanTrader @CNBC.
  14. that's right, I saw a clip of that this morning taken after the debate, I'll see if I can dig it out.
  15. Bespoke @bespokeinvest 13 "golden crosses" across stocks and ETFs yesterday. Here are a few of them:
  16. US data continues to improve, US core retail sales another beat.
  17. How do I vote for Jeremy Corbyn? Britain Elects @britainelects Labour leadership voting intention (first preferences): R. Long-Bailey: 42% K. Starmer: 37% J. Phillips: 9% L. Nandy: 7% E. Thornberry: 1% via @Survation, 08 - 13 Jan Note: Survey of LabourList readers weighted to reflect Labour's membership
  18. This is a useful little tip on timing pullback entries and shows how you can spot when a pullback is profit taking (by the bulls in this case) and not a serious attempt at a reversal by the bears. A case of waiting for the bears to obviously fail before looking to enter. Your Trading Coach @YTCtrading "It's not always as visually obvious as appears here, but this is a key principle underlying ALL my pullback entries."
  19. with 10's of thousands of markets out there it's often the case that the broker will wait for client interest before including a company onto the platform. The hedging by IG is not to bet against you but if required works the other way around. So if IG wants to hedge against your trade they will take out the same trade in the same direction so if you win so do they and they can pass their profit over to you, if you make a loss they take that loss to compensate their own loss.
  20. "Our call of the day from the founder and chief executive of Ciovacco Capital Management" He said the bigger picture for stocks is now coming together. “A sound argument can be made that the stock market made a cyclical low in 2018 within the context of a secular trend,” Ciovacco said. He was alluding to that big equity drop in December 2018, while a secular trend refers to a rising or falling market trend. It can last from five to 25 years, peppered by smaller bear or bull markets, respectively. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/years-of-stock-gains-are-ahead-but-also-scary-pullbacks-says-strategist-2020-01-16
  21. still waiting for someone to meme the pic above 🙂
  22. the key is the interconnectedness of these large international companies and their dependence on a booming US economy, currently Dax and Ftse are marking time waiting for that next US boom, note marking time and not collapsing because markets are expecting US growth in the future. If the US economy picks up substantially then so will demand for Audis, Mercs and BMWs, same for Ftse company products. Markets have been waiting for some kind of resolution to the US/China trade dispute and true the picture is still not clear but is clear enough to encourage the US markets, if that continues the others must follow.
  23. Recession probabilities coming down for Ger, France, UK and Spain.