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  1. Still not clear how the vote will go tomorrow, will depend on Labour MPs, snap poll suggests general population support it. Merkel ready to offer an extension if vote no but Boris seems unlikely to accept. Nick Boles MP @NickBoles "All the Benn Act does is oblige the PM to request an extension if he has not got his deal approved by the end of tomorrow. On its own an extension request cannot stop a No Deal Brexit on 31 Oct. The only certain way to stop No Deal is to vote for the deal."
  2. I see what you mean, don't know what IG's "standard undated method" is and though doesn't attempt to "mirror the cash VIX" there must be some reference to the underlying market within the model (see chart below).
  3. Documentation on commodities (and VIX) pricing here; https://www.ig.com/uk/commodities
  4. The stocks in the multi-chart above are amongst the more heavily weighted on the index and it they are going to turn at key support we should see it happening here. Looks a nice ride down on the HA chart.
  5. Dow bulls trying to secure the pivot while Dax also struggling to make headway. H1 charts;
  6. I'm still not sure what the actual products are. Is it just recreational use or are there pain relief/symptom relieving health type products?
  7. Hi, similar answer to your other question regarding 'contracts for difference' and currency conversions. Regarding hedging both BTC and GBP, IG only does BTC/USD and I don't know of any broker that does BTC/GBP but interestingly the charts look almost identical.
  8. Hi, no because you are trading fx on a cfd or sb type account so you are not actually trading the underlying currency and won't be taking delivery of the underlying. You are only trading contracts that track the underlying so your position size is the number of contracts you wish to buy at $10/point ($1 on the mini) so if you buy 1 contract and price rises 1 point you have made $10 profit which is then converted to £ in your account if the position is then closed. The fee on the trade is the spread difference between the buy price when you bought and the sell price when you sold.
  9. Spread bet size calculator web page giving bet size in £/point for account size, % of account to risk (or money amount) and stop loss size. (see pic) https://www.earnforex.com/spread-bet-calculator/
  10. Interesting set of charts; Chris Kimble @KimbleCharting 1d Are "High Times" about to return to pot stocks? After large declines, these stocks are each testing support at each (1).
  11. Another pause candle for Dow yesterday while Dax puts in something akin to a gravestone doji, Ftse remains out of sorts and out of step with the others and ASX taking the China GDP miss badly. May see some selling off going into the weekend. China GDP historic graph below 2004 - 2019.
  12. Overnight a China GDP miss, Indices and Oil down, Bonds and USD up. Chart natural gas HA daily. Not much on the calendar, Fed speak this afternoon.
  13. just to add to bigdeal's reply SBs can be either cash/daily funded bet or futures/forward which have a separate chart accessed from the dropdown box next to the chart title. for cash/dfb there is no expiry but you paid an overnight interest fee, this charge does not apply to futures/forwards which have a larger spread instead. see pic.
  14. https://www.home.saxo/insights/content-hub/articles/2019/10/17/emerging-market-stocks-just-break-out-of-a-20-month-downtrend
  15. This looks like playing out, parliament has voted to sit on Saturday to vote on whether to accept the deal or not, Junker has just confirmed there can be no extension so the vote on Saturday can only be a vote for this deal or a no-deal brexit on the 31st Oct. The 10 DUP votes should not be needed for a win. The deal gets us out of the customs union but stay in a partial regulation union.
  16. The deal has been signed but not released yet so few know what's actually in it. DUP not in agreement with final text but the EU is likely to say this deal or no deal in which case it is likely to be pasted by the house even without the DUP. Just published https://ec.europa.eu/commission/brexit-negotiations/negotiating-documents-article-50-negotiations-united-kingdom_en
  17. All heading up on confirmed reports the brexit deal is signed, done and dusted and a leave on the 31st Oct.
  18. yes, there does seem to be a problem, the ticket says the min stop is 1 but it's actually 30 so the stop needs to be moved that far or it just sits on the entry and will instantly stop out the trade on entry.
  19. the problem is the constant stream of contradictory news, it's like a drawn out central bank chair presser with price reversing at the end of every sentence. so you get a chart with lots of spikes and candles with long tails both directions, that's hard to keep up with and takes a lot of concentration as there is no confidence in the longer term direction.
  20. yes, keep away from ftse and gbpusd until brexit is sorted, yesterday was deal done, then last night no deal, then this morning deal done at 2am news released about half an hour ago, that's why it's all over the place. look at these dax and ftse HA M5 charts.
  21. Dax moving up to test yesterday's highs, Dow powers up to the pivot, if Dow can break the pivot Dax should see R1 H1 charts;
  22. A pause day yesterday for Dax and Dow while ASX had a strong up day but reversed overnight, Both Hong Kong and China are up slightly. A Brexit deal was expected last night but nothing materialised, gbpusd as a consequence was pushed higher yesterday but falling back today, and as a consequence of that Ftse was down yesterday and improving today. After a pause candle direction is unclear, the Dow ATH is just above but will need some incentive to attack it, Dax will try to hold onto the recent gains and the monthly chart resistance level (purple). Daily charts;
  23. Overnight Asian Indices up, Bonds and Gold up, Oil and Crypto down. UK retail sales at 9:30, US housing and employment data plus the Philly Fed manu survey at 1:30pm and indy prod data at 2:15.
  24. Hi, this glitch turns up on demo very occasionally, you will need to email the helpdesk and ask for a tech to remove the trades from the account.
  25. yes, good point, both are very similar (rsi and stoch) and both are good at picking up divergence which shows a lack of enthusiasm to keep pushing price on. So really just a matter of preference but don't use both as they are trying to tell the same story and discrepancies will confuse the issue. I prefer stoch because of the more pronounced wave rhythm, you can use the 2 line cross or remove one line and use the break out of obos (over bought/over sold). RSI I like the bounces off 50.