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Push notifications / price alerts not coming on mobile or desktop



I have enabled push notification for price alerts and order execution etc in IG Live account and also double checked all possible settings on android phone and IG app.. which are all set correctly as per so many posts I have read... BUT

I am still not receiving any alerts on mobile or any pop ups on windows desktop notification. If I keep the IG chart open on second scree, I only see a small pop up appear on the screen itself when alert triggers.. that it.  which, to me, is pretty pointless since I am already on the chart so can see what the current price is.

Whole idea of price alert is I can continue working on other things when chart is running behind the scene and alert should pop up to grab attention.

Please could someone help me if I am missing any obvious thing since I can't watch chart all day long and missing out on important alert which would help me trade effectively.



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