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Well now, Patricia.

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Suppose I could continue doing this even although we know that trading in live will be completely different (I get NOWHERE NEAR a 50% win rate in live lol!)

Or we could just accept that we've lost two years of our life and learn something else?

Or we could just go and walk in front of a fast-moving train?  That sounds more tempting right now.  😘 

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I decided to sh!t-can this because the results in backtest were nothing like what I was getting when I tried it live.  That really is mysterious, and I can only attribute it to some kind of hidden foresight on the historical data.

Let's try something else.  Hourly time frame using the Ichimoku.

Trade 1 long after a pullback and subsequent resumption of uptrend.  Result, a big beezer Kathleen 👺


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Trade 2 long after it bounced from the conversion (blue) line.  Bad idea.  Trade 3 long after it bounced off the base (orange) line.  Better, but nearly sh!t the bed.  Maybe a 1:1.5 isn't a good idea and should just for conversion line to cross under the base line?  Who the f*k knows?


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