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ProRealTime not saving my code and other PRT issues



Hi, when I create code, I come back to it the following day and I find that (on more than one occasion) that the code presented is old code. 


My save routine is: 1) close the code window, answer yes to the question do you want to save 2) In the main window File>Save 3) Export my code locally as backup.


Why is saving so damned complicated in PRT? Google docs does this effortlessly, now the way I see it, PRT and Google docs offer the same service, i.e. SAAS model, you go online you change some data you use some functions, you exit. But in Google it's instantly saved, no brainer. In PRT I have to follow a routine to ensure my work is still there in the morning. Cmon guys and girls!


I like the product because in some ways it's easier to code (than say MT4, FXTS2, JForex) and is integrated to IG. But in other ways...it blows!

  1. No email alerts from indicators/strategies/screeners,
  2. poor/nearly non existent debug facilities coupled with annoyingly precise messages "error: variable not used" (who cares, what a completely irrelevant reason for stopping a code execution)
  3. Sometimes a yellow triangle appears next to my wrong code, however there is no feedback as to what is the error condition, a couple of syntax error messages might be useful
  4. No multi timeframe capability in strategies
  5. overly optimistic backtester - it always takes the most profitable position, does not have the ability to look inside a bar

I look forward to the next ten releases of this product, by then it should be more mature. Glad to help testing etc.





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Guest Futures

Same story from my side it happened initially. i created lots of programmed and next day they disappeared. i resolve it by trial and error.  download the guide from Prorealtime website and some samples in the pdf copy paste and save then exit the platform and re login if it persists then you resolved it.

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Guest Futures

One more thing while logged in to Pro real time  press Ctrl + M which is Technical support and email them your query via the platform they are pretty good at responding it. if you resolved it post your solution

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thanks Futures


same thing happened today. What a totally unreliable piece of software, I will be contacting PRT through the platform, though in my experience all my issues reported through the platform have received no feedback. Where do they feedback to?


In the meantime I have developed the habit of copying text and then paste direct to file from MacOS (pbpaste > bakfile.txt from command line)



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Guest akatyk

Yeah, through a lot of pain, I've learnt to always either close PRT with "yes" for saving or save the template manually before stepping away from the computer for extended period of time.

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