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12 hours ago, Mihaildimov said:

Hi i'm quite new and i'm still learning all the basics,but i do have one stupid question.When you buy a share from this platform do you get paid dividend ? For example if i buy 1 share of EVRAZ  am i going to get any dividends and how does it work ?

If you're buying the shares on a share dealing/ ISA account you will receive the dividend is you hold the shares through the ex div date. For example, if the ex div date is 10th December, you would have to purchase and hold the shares from 9th of December over to 10th December. Your dividend would be credited 1-2 working days after the pay date. 

If you're trading on a leveraged account (spread betting/ CFD) we make dividend adjustments which means you don't gain from the dividend. 


The example below if for indices but the same principle applies for shares on leveraged accounts: 


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