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  1. Hey all, Tesco special dividend is actually in GBP , but unfortunately there was an error that payed it in USD instead of GBP.. This is now resolved, we have reversed all USD payment and paid it in GBP again but sorry for the inconvenience and any confusion caused. All the best
  2. Hey, If you already applied you can call us and change your earnings and savings. Please note, we may ask for proof of these changes. All the best
  3. Hey, Thanks for your post. We offer all of these on leveraged accounts. The following are reasons we can't offer it on non-leveraged Hey, this one isn't something we can offer as we don't support these exchanges We do offer This is an exchange we don't support: All the best
  4. We're offering weekly equity options on the platform for some stocks over earning season. Meaning you don't have to call us if you want to trade certain equity options. This week it's Zoom Video Communications Inc. We're also offering Tesla but that will stay on the platform going forward whereas the weekly options will change depending on which week of earnings season we're in. What is an Equity option? Equity options are a form of derivative used exclusively to trade shares as the underlying asset. In essence, equity options work in an extremely similar way to other op
  5. Hey, After 2 years of inactivity we want to close the account. If there are funds on the account there's a £12 per month inactivity fee. If you place one trade on the account the 2 years start again from there. If you're worried about it it's best to reach out to us so we can check the dates All the best
  6. Hey, the corporate actions team have advised me that if, on a form, you're asked for a HIN number instead but your iG account number. As IG operates a domestic custody model, HINs are not required. Your stock is identified by your account number. The only information required to transfer stock via another broker is your account number, the name of the stock, the quantity to be transferred and our PID (20018). All the best
  7. Hey, I've sent an email over to our aus corporate actions team regarding this. I will have an update by Monday We're not able to give out the HIN number as we're nominee account.
  8. We're so sorry that you couldn't get through to us and the impact it's had. I will pass this message onto our senior team to show the impact this is having. If you haven't already please reach out to us if you can't wait on the phone please email and request a call back. Make sure your exposure is correct then mention you did try to ring and ask them to take that into consideration when resolving the issue. All the best and apologies to both of you
  9. Hey, I completely understand your frustration and I will pass it onto our senior team as well as the exposure desk. The decisions has been made but I'm so sorry for how it's impacting your trading. With exceptional client demand in the equity space, we have reviewed our 12000 leveraged markets and decided to withdraw less than 1000 small cap equities, after a review of associated returns on these markets. We will continue to support these markets for Share Dealing, where that product is available. Sorry again for this inconvenience. All the best
  10. Hey @SunnyD, Thanks for your post, If you buy a future contract it usually has a slightly larger spread however you're not subject to overnight funding like you are for cash price/ DFB. You will not be charged 20 pts per night it's just the initial 20 points spread when you open the position. If you leave it there (and have enough on your account to cover your margin) there aren't any other fees. Just as a heads up the April contract actually expires in March. You can find details on the platform in the get info section: All the best
  11. Hey @GORDON_G Thanks for your post. The minimum stop distance is widened when there's extreme levels of volatility. That being said I will pass on the message about tightening these stop distances. All the best
  12. Hey Mark, Please know our settlement period works on a T+2 (T+3 for US shares) basis. This means the cash for these shares won't settle on your account the day you sold them but two (three for US shares) working days. Many thanks for your understanding. I hope this clarifies why you can't withdraw your funds at the moment.
  13. Hey @jakeyboyy To update you will have to contact us with your updated details. Please note, our team may ask for proof of your change in earnings and savings. All the best
  14. Hey, I'm so sorry for this. Could you kindly email helpdesk.uk@ig.com again, and ask for them to be cancelled. Also ask for the fees to be refunded all the way back to when you sent your first email. All the best
  15. Hey, Thanks for your post. Unfortunately if you apply for a live account and it gets declined it removes access to the demo. To get a new demo you will have to sign up again for one. You will have to use a different username and email address when signing up. Sorry for the inconvenience
  16. Hey, If you buy shares on a share dealing account you put down 100% of the cost but it means you own those shares. They could drop and we would never close positions because of a margin call because you have bought the shares. All the best
  17. It works per calendar months. So technically you could place 3 trades on the last day of Jan and all of February you have he reduced (for US shares free) commission. The fee is free on both the buy and sell (for US shares) providing them both fall into a month where you have traded three times in the previous calendar month. Example, if you place 3 trades in January then in February you buy and sell Apple shares the commission will be free. If you place 3 traded in January, buy some Apple shares in February (the open commission will be free) but decide to wait until Jun
  18. We're sorry that the fees aren't as transparent as they can be. We have a team currently working on a big project that will clarify and break down charges. There's no set time frame on this but when there is I will update the feed All the best
  19. Although it's a cash transfer it can take up to 5 working days however it's usually a lot faster than that. All the best
  20. Hey, There shouldn't be any reason you can't place the trade. If you're still having issues please reach out to via email/ call/ lice chat so we can assist. All the best
  21. Hey, I don't have a date yet but I will request an update and get back to this feed
  22. Hey, If the error message wasn't specific to why please reach out to us so we can check the account and order. Sorry for the issues you're having. All the best
  23. Hey, The first 2 steps are correct you subscribe to Primarybid, nominate IG as your broker. When/ if you get the stock it will go to your IG account but you don't pay IG you pay PrimaryBroker but you trade with IG. Sorry for the delay getting back to this one.
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