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  1. Due to the smaller market capitalisation we're not able to offer this stock on leveraged accounts. If you would like it added to share dealing accounts let me know so I can get our shares desk to add it. All the best
  2. Thanks for your post. I've just asked out shares team and will update you when they get back to me.
  3. There are some brokers out there that will not hedge the same way as clients and win when clients lose however IG are not one of them. We want our clients to win so they will continue to keep trading with us.
  4. We don't go into the market and hedge everyone's positions but say 60% of clients are long and 40% are short we would hedge 20% long into the market. 40% cover each other and then the rest we hedge. We do however ask clients that trade large sizes to use advanced options or to call us so we can get them the best prices for the size they're wanting to hedge. @Caseynotes gives a great description:
  5. What do you want to know from DailyFX analysts? We have Justin in on Wed 17th ... at 12:00 GMT to speak strategies. If you have any questions please add them in the comment on this blog. Get all questions in before 'this time' then so we can go through them. Please note, analysts cannot talk about which way they believe the markets are going to go. They can show you trends and what certain technical analysis is telling us.
  6. Tesla hit $1,400 yesterday, And Amazon hit $3000 Is the Bull back? Or do we think the bear will make a return soon?
  7. With CFD trading we charge commission: 2 cents per share or $15 minimum: https://www.ig.com/uk/help-and-support/spread-betting-and-cfds/fees-and-charges/what-are-igs-shares-cfd-product-details If you're a UK client you can trade Tesla on a spread betting account. You don't pay commission the charge is instead incorporated in the spread.
  8. Thanks for your post. You should find the refer a friend details on the MyIG page by selecting Settings>. Refer a friend: Please note, this is only available for clients who've signed up with our UK, AU English and Trad Chinese sites, Further to this the promotion will not show if you only have non-leveraged account (share dealing). I hope this helps
  9. Market recovering quickly since Q1 crash Let me know your thoughts on the matter. Are we hitting recoverly or recession? Check out the full article here: https://www.ig.com/uk/market-insight-articles/market-recovering-quickly-since-q1-crash-200702
  10. Hey @PPC, If you're looking to transfer out of IG you need to contact the broker you wish to move to. They should have a transfers form you need to fill out then they will contact us. We do not have an exit fee. It would be best to reach out to the new provider for further instruction. All the best
  11. Thanks for your post. You should find the refer a friend details on the MyIG page by selecting Settings>. Refer a friend: Please note, this is only available for clients who've signed up with our UK site, Further to this the promotion will not show if you only have non-leveraged account (share dealing and ISAs). I hope this helps.
  12. US Independence Day opening hours 2020 There will be some changes to our normal opening hours over the US Independence Day period – between Wednesday 1 and Monday 6 July. Check the table below, and find out how the changes could impact your trading. Wednesday 1 July Canadian shares closed The Cannabis Index closed Thursday 2 July Lumber closes early at 6.05pm CBOT Grains close early at 6.05pm Livestock futures close early at 6.15pm Friday 3 July US equities and soft commodities closed US index futures close early at 6pm. We’ll make out-of-hours prices on Wall St, US 500, US Russell 2000 and US Tech 100 between 6pm and 9pm. 24 Hour indices close at 9pm US interest rates and the dollar index close early at 6pm The VIX closes early at 4.30pm US Crude, Gold and Silver close early at 6pm. Brent Crude and London Gas Oil close early at 6.30pm London Sugar closes at 5pm Monday 6 July Livestock futures opens at 2.30pm Lumber opens at 3pm The hours listed here are all in UK time. This information is accurate to the best of our knowledge, but it’s possible that these hours could change. We’ll return to normal trading hours after this period.
  13. Nonfarm Payrolls announced today. We have our live show at 13:25 BST with the live news. We have a preview available here for those interested:US jobs report preview: could an NFP surge boost stocks? We also have a Twitter poll that you can get involved with. Have your say!
  14. CharlotteIG


    Having broken out of an inverted head and shoulders, copper continues to move up. IGTV’s Jeremy Naylor looks at how to trade it, and where the price target is from the neckline breakout. https://www.ig.com/uk/market-insight-articles/trade-idea--long-copper-200701 Are you long or short?
  15. EUREX planned reopening: 10:00 London Time / 11:00 Frankfurt Time – Pre-Trading 10:25 London Time / 11:25 Frankfurt Time – Opening auction with a minimum duration of 5 minutes 10:30 London Time / 11:30 Frankfurt Time – Continuous Trading
  16. The Eurexchange is currently having technical issues. We're now pricing the Germany 30 (DAX) out of hours until it's running again.
  17. Chris Beauchamp’s insight A shortened week for the US due to the Independence Day holiday sees non-farm payrolls published a day early coinciding with the trade balance and weekly jobless claims figures. Other key events of note include PMIs from China and first quarter figures from Sainsbury’s. Economic reports Company announcements Dividends Upcoming FTSE 100: Coca-Cola HBC, Homeserve, National Grid FTSE 250: Murray Int’l, ICG, Airtel, Workspace, Primary Health Properties Dividends are applied after the close of the previous day’s session for each market. So, for example, the FTSE 100 goes ex-dividend on a Thursday, but the adjustment is applied at the close of the previous day e.g. Wednesday. The table below shows the days in which the adjustment is applied, not the ex-dividend days. To find the full index dividend adjustments for this week please go to:
  18. Hey, Thanks for your post. The issue some people have is knowing it's the bid/sell price that they get closed at but I can see you're aware of this. The price is also a lot lower than the stop. This seems to be an issue. If you could email us about this our technical team will investigate. All the best
  19. Hopefully if anyone's having the same issues they come forward. For now can you reach out to us at helpdesk.uk@ig.com. If the feed gets more trades with the same issue I will forward it to our technical team to raise an incident. All the best
  20. Find the full article here: https://www.dailyfx.com/forex/market_alert/2020/06/25/British-Pound-GBP-Latest-GBPUSD-and-FTSE-100-Under-Pressure-Again-MSE.html
  21. Thanks for your feedback. We had 2FA but there were some issues for some clients, I will pass this onto our development and technical team to investigate. We understand your trading sites need protecting so I will let them know it's vital for some traders. All the best
  22. Thanks for your post. Sometimes we get quotes that cause spikes. If no one traded there we don't execute deals off that price. If it was a quote but no execution and it makes an anomaly spike our technical team will remove it on the platform shortly after it's happened. All the best
  23. I 100% agree with you. This has been pushed to developers but I'm going to show them your post too! We need this when people are using TA. Thank you for this!
  24. This request has been discussed again with developers. I will update the forum as soon as I have some news around this. All the best
  25. Hey everyone, After speaking with out technical team they confirmed: I got your case with API on the forums. We have an incident on it INC0455486. So far we have fixed for the live and waiting on demo If you're still experiencing issues with your live account please email us, explain the issues and reference the incident number above. Demo account issues should be resolved within the week. Apologies for the inconvenience.