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  1. I will speak with the desk now and get back to you on this.
  2. Thank you for the heads up. I will send this to the technical team and get back to you. If anyone else has experienced this let me know.
  3. Martin Luther King Jr Day- Change to Trading Hours Hey everyone, opening hours on certain markets will change for Monday 20 and Tuesday 21 January 2020, as it's a US federal holiday marking the birthday of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. All times listed here are UK time. This information is accurate to the best of our knowledge, but it is possible that these hours could change. All the best.
  4. As @Caseynotes mentions, we hedge the same way as our clients we only make money from the spread. If you do have any stocks on the platform you can't see we can check with the desk and add them as log as they meet the minimum cap size and we're able to trade on the exchange.
  5. Thanks for your response. I checked with the desk again and the market cap was too small so it was set to 'non-leveraged' but our shares desk have just changed it to leveraged again. Please be aware this stock is 'Unborrowable' meaning clients cannot take short positions. If you're looking to place a short position, you can call us and one of our dealer can check for borrow.
  6. Thanks for your question. I would call our helpdesk to check on this. There were other traders in the same situation. Our corporate actions team will be able to check the transfer for this. Sorry I couldn't help more, all the best.
  7. It maybe that there's still shares on the account so the approximate value of your shares are positive but your current balance, due to commission/ other fees is negative. Potentially it's due to some unsettled stock. If you give our help desk a call they will be able to determine what the issue is, resolve it then help you withdraw the funds. Sorry I can't check the account and help more with this. All the best. Thanks for @ me in
  8. DailyFX have posted their expectations for USDCAD. Do you agree? How are you trading this pair? Find the full article here: USD/CAD Could Reverse to its Yearly Low - USD vs Canadian Dollar Price Please note, we're not telling you which way to trade just providing information to help.
  9. Hey @ngm, Thanks for your post. Webinars will be the time zone of the website you signed up with. So https://www.ig.com/uk/ is GMT. ig.com/au is Melbourne time. If you signed up with the Dubai site it would be Dubai time.
  10. We have our news and analysis preview on earning. This includes a video as well as a breakdown of the expected earnings for each bank. US earnings preview: Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, and more
  11. CharlotteIG


    How this has moved over the last couple of years, Jeremy Naylor has produced a price on BooHoo, how it's grown and TA behind it. Will this continue with the bullish behavior or have we missed the opportunity to buy? Let me know you opinions on this stock and what you think it's going to be doing in the long or short term. Please note this video is not telling you which way to trade just informing you.
  12. Thanks for your post. If you're looking to reopen an account it would be quicker to give us a call as well as email to get this looked into straight away. All the best
  13. With Spread betting forward contracts we recycle the epic used for spreadbet, whereas for cfd it's a new epic every contract which is why this happens. This is why you see historical data on spread betting (shows previous contracts) but with CFD you don't.
  14. You can add single options, so pick a put or call at a certain strike price. You can find a video on how to do this below: options on watchlists..webm I hope this helps
  15. Just wanted to keep you in the loop for announcements over the next few days if you trade off the back of news or if you have TA running on Cable. This is all working off GMT time:
  16. Thanks for your message. This stock was changed to non-isa eligible. We contact clients holding positions, via email, to let them know they they could close the position themselves, move the shares to the share dealing account or wait for us to close them out. The email would have been sent out 1-2 weeks before closing them. The cash you have from us selling them will still count toward the tax year that you invested the funds.
  17. Really happy that this is still being talked about. We have a piece from DailyFX ideas again: Does anyone else have support lines on this one, if so where?
  18. We're happy for people to trade Canabis stocks on leveraged accounts so we've just added Sundial Growers Inc / Nasdaq: SNDL for you. We can't offer it on our non-leveraged accounts
  19. Hey, After speaking with the desk: CDTX currently has a big enough market cap but it's only just passed the three month threshold so we'd want it to stabilise a bit because its pretty much doubled this last month. CDXC Has been added for you CLSD market capitalisation is too small unfortunalety to offer on leveraged.
  20. What is the stock? I will be happy to check the reason for you.
  21. Quick read on what you need to know. In the news and analysis section of the platform but thought it would be good to post it here too: By Monte Safieddine Stock market value tops that of GM and Ford combined Tesla Overview It’s been a volatile session (to say the least) for Tesla’s stock price, surging to fresh record high after fresh record high, and in the process taking its market capitalization to higher than that of car giants GM and Ford combined. Although there are plenty of catalysts including a third-quarter profit that surprised analysts, its Chinese factory online and delivering to the world’s largest car market, and global deliveries that beat expectations, the justification of current price levels are startling analysts as the company struggles to turn a consistent profit, and where its deliveries dwarf that of the competition by a significant margin. Tesla delivered over 367,000 vehicles for 2019 – about a third of that in the last quarter as deliveries picked up – but stands in significant contrast with GM and Ford’s deliveries at more than 2m each. This is occurring at a time when car companies are struggling globally and car sales are dropping, and where established automakers attempt to shift to electric vehicles to diversify their lineup ahead of changing regulations. And then there’s the tech factor, as it’s no surprise that tech stocks have been outperforming as of late and with the Nasdaq at fresh record highs buoyed by Tesla which amongst the tech index’s components was at the top of the performance chart yesterday. Viewing Tesla as a tech company instead of a car company has certainly aided the hype, even as the company struggles to consistently deliver when it comes to profit and cash flow, and where the orders consist largely of low profit margin Model 3’s instead of its Model S and X where the profit margins are significantly higher. Tesla Technical analysis, overview, strategies, and levels From a technical standpoint, all its main technical indicators are flashing green, with its price above all its main moving averages, a positive DMI (Directional Movement Index), and a trending ADX (Average Directional Index). And the same holds true when shifting to a longer-term weekly overview. However, with the gains this sizeable and bullish movements occurring intraday as well, that translates into pivot points at greater risk of breaking than holding. A volatile technical overview then that supersedes a bull trend, and in turn means breakout strategies on its main pivot points for limited profit-taking may be more conformist to its current technical overview than contrarian reversals that may be at risk of getting more easily stopped out, especially if the short squeeze continues. IG client sentiment and Nasdaq short interest for Tesla In terms of sentiment, retail traders are holding a bias opposite the recent bullish moves at a majority short 65% as per IG’s client sentiment. And if other traders have been basing their positioning on analysts’ opinions, they are likely holding a bias closer to the middle given the contrasting opinions of where the stock price ought to go with nearly a third holding a buy view, a third holding a sell view, and a third on hold. As for Nasdaq.com’s latest short interest figures, as of mid-December they have reduced it to levels unseen since February of last year, as during the bullish surge they upped their short positions from about 26m at the start of last year to a peak of 41m by the end of July before reducing it back down again as the pain of price increases forces shorts to unwind.
  22. Jeremy Naylor has done a short piece this morning speaking about the potential deal and what it can mean for Sirius Minerals: If you have Twitter, you can find the piece there. Alternatively, click here. We also have a news and analysis piece with the video included. Sirius Minerals share price soars after Anglo American weighs £386 million rescue deal.
  23. EUR Business Climate (Dec) worse than est. Prev: -0.23 Est: -0.16 Actual: -0.25
  24. This is true. When trying to buy this morning, due to the large amount of buy orders and limited sell orders, you more than likely wouldn't have been getting last nights close