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  1. Dow now down more than 900 points for the day:
  2. Tesla stock: 7 things investors can expect on Battery Day Ahead of Tesla’s highly anticipated Battery Day, we highlight some key things that investors can look forward to. Video and analysts thoughts: https://www.ig.com/uk/news-and-trade-ideas/tesla-battery-day--7-things-investors-can-expect-200921
  3. If you want to purchase more shares than you're allowed you need to email us telling us you want to take up the offer as well as the amount of additional shares you want. All the best
  4. Thanks for your post. You are able to open a CFD account with ourselves if you live in Turkey. All the best
  5. Thanks for your post. If you're referring to the reduced commision rate for US shares it's £10 per trade. If you make 3+ trades in one month the next month you will have reduced rates. As you can see on the webpage here: 'Number of trades (in previous calendar month). Similarly with the Uk shares you have to place them in the previous calendar month to get the reduced rate this month. All the best
  6. Thanks for your post. It does take some time to activate accounts but I will send a message to your account manager to look into this for you. All the best.
  7. Thanks for your post. It isn't possible to do a limit order for a FTSE option. All the best
  8. Hey, If you click on your Watchlists, right click the watchlist you don't want and select delete watchlist it will remove it.
  9. Follow the link below for the video: https://www.ig.com/uk/market-insight-articles/martin-essex-from-daily-fx-discusses-the-extraordinary-day-for-s-200918
  10. GBP/EUR: Impact of Furlough Ending Here's a small snip of the detailed article but is worth a little read and let me know what you think. Fully article here: https://www.ig.com/uk/news-and-trade-ideas/--how-will-the-end-of-the-uk-furlough-scheme-impact-gbp-eur--200917
  11. Please reach out to us via email or over the phone. Your account may be temporarily suspended due to too many incorrect password attempts. All the best
  12. GBP/EUR: Impact of Furlough Ending Here's a small snip of the detailed article but is worth a little read and let me know what you think. Fully article here: https://www.ig.com/uk/news-and-trade-ideas/--how-will-the-end-of-the-uk-furlough-scheme-impact-gbp-eur--200917
  13. Due to our business model we have to hedge the majority of clients meaning we have to sell in the market if the majority of clients want to move short. If we can't get borrow we're not able to offer it to clients. You can call us and try to get borrow for the amount you want but until we get sufficient borrow we can't offer it on the platform. All the best
  14. Thanks for your post. If you see a position closed that you believe is incorrect it's best to contact us straight away so we can explain it. If you had stops/ limits on the position that were hit that will close out the position. Make sure you check the correct price on the chart (bid or ask).
  15. It's now trading at around $260 and is available on the platform. The company priced it's shares at $120 on Tuesday and it opened at $245
  16. There was a trading hault but the market is now open to trade.
  17. I've passed on the suggestion as it would be great to have equity options on our platform.
  18. This is something I've put forward as feedback for the future. A work around is to set a stop order to sell. The issue with this is it gives instructions to sell at that price or worse. So if you wanted to sell at £1 but then the next available price is £0.90 that's where we would sell at. Alternatively you can put in a price alert for the market and when you receive the alert you can login and check on your position.
  19. Hey, If you want your positions to roll you must make sure your rollover instructions are enabled. This can be done on the MyIG page by selecting settings> Rollovers.
  20. Hey @Rosbif, If you have a leveraged account there is an option to over subscribe. We need an email from you saying if possible I wish to subscribe to x (how ever many more shares you want) over my rights issue amount. You need to make sure you have available funds on your account to take these up. All the best
  21. How it was booked to your account: This is a European rights issue, and it just so happens that the rights are initially booked on a 1 to 1 basis for these types of issues. This is just how it works. Once the rights are booked to the account, they are then convertible into new shares on a 3 for 2 basis. So if you had 100 shares through cash close on Friday last week, on Monday morning you would have woken up with 100 additional rights booked to your account. These 100 rights can be taken up and converted into 150 new shares, on a 3 shares for every 2 rights basis. Each new share will then cost EUR 0.92 to purchase. Example of how the rights issue works if you had 4 shares. If the trader wants to take up the rights, he/she can convert their 4 rights into 6 additional shares at a price of EUR 3.68 (Share Dealing). For leveraged accounts, the trader would have to pay the equivalent margin of the full notional of the rights. If the margin rate is 20% for IAG, the client will need to have EUR 0.736 (EUR 3.68 x 20%) in order to take up the rights. There's no deadline date confirmed yet but it would be best to email us back as soon as possible if you want to take them up.
  22. With IPOs we usually have a grey market then within an hour of trading, if not less, we normally have the market live. https://www.ig.com/uk/trading-strategies/snowflake-ipo-200630 All the best
  23. Thanks for your post. Instead of going to withdraw finds you can click on currency conversion and it will show you how much you have in each currency. All the best
  24. Thanks for your post. Unfortunately we have no control over the minimum leveraged we offer that is set by regulators but I will pass this information back about mirco lots. All the best