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IG opened by mistake several short positions instead of shares purchase affecting my whole trading on LUMINAR stock (i don't have a short option , only stock purchase)

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 I have been trading  intensely on a hot stock -Luminar shares   and whilst  buying additional shares   IG has opened  several short options on the stock , instead of shares purchase by error. 

Has anyone  encountered same issue. That has  disturbed  all my trading and gains  as i didn t know what was happening ( only bought shares, never used short options )   and ...it was time to sell :) . When i was trying t sell  , IG has blocked my LUMINAR options  , that were allready showing wrong information on profit/loss , and after i managed to sell some shares,  IG blocked my account (for 2 days)  when i was trying to  open new positions on Luminar as it was going lower, so  basically  having sold at  a  unkown profit , and after ..not knowing what  value i still had to repurchase and  locked out without any new positions  on a very hot stock-LUMINAR.  

If anyone had similar issues , how did you deal with it ?  how do i recover my losses and how did it go with IG.This has created a lot of stress and  troubles for me , financially and emotionally( lots of phone calls and emails)   

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    • Yes - there was a consolidation action of 1 for 1500 of these securities : https://www.sharesmagazine.co.uk/news/market/LSE20210504170819_3963598/GraniteShares-3STS-Reverse-split-Consolidation I've been on chat and on the phone to IG - they've done the consolidation, but still not updated the correct prices, which should of course also rise by ~1,500 on a ceteris paribus basis (all things the same). At the time of writing this, TSLA has dropped a further 2.4% today, so these securities ought to have risen ~ 7.2% (3x short TSLA) on the day.  The IG person I spoke with this evening promised me he would check with the relevant team and revert. My call was very late in the day (after 6pm) so I trust that they will have this resolved in the morning. If not, I do suggest calling again. 
    • Hey all,  Unlike some other brokers IG do not trade against clients and don't benefit when our clients lose. We hedge the same way as the majority of our clients (so if 60% were long and 40% were short we would hedge those 20% long that aren't covered).  We have no benefit when traders lose. We make money from spread and commission so if anything we want out traders to win so they will continue trading with us.  Unfortunately I can't be account specific and if you believe something is wrong on your account please reach out to us as I can't assist with this.  If you have any questions on this please let me know by quoting my response.  All the best,  Charlotte 
    • Hey,  Thanks for your post.  If you held the shares through the ex div date you will receive the funds 1-2 working days after the pay date on your non-leveraged accounts.  Leverages accounts (CFD and Spread betting) have dividend adjustments meaning we adjust the price of the shares on the platform and make credits/ debits accordingly.  All the best 
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