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Can you put stop losses on a share dealing account on IG?

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Hi, I've had a look at many videos on youtube to try and fin the answer as I can't seem to put stop losses on my open positions on my share dealing account it only seems you can do it on the spread bet can someone help as this is vital to risk management when placing trades.


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Heya, if you open the deal ticket for your stock, under "order type" on the ticket you should be able to  select Stop order. If you then select "sell", enter a numbers of shares, and enter a price under "stop level" which is lower than the current market price, your shares should be sold if the market price falls to/below your chosen stop level.

I think you can only create stop orders when the market for your stock is open . You'll want to select "Good til cancelled" under "Expiry" too - if you want the stop loss to last more than a day.

You should double check this with IG helpdesk though. Also, I don't know if the stop order is guaranteed to fill at the stop level however (I don't see a "guaranteed stop" option like they have in the CFD account). 

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