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Is there a time delay between Margin returned and P&L realised?


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16 hours ago, louisdew said:

Is there a time delay between Margin returned and P&L realised?

I recently closed a trade which was running at a profit. I only got my margin returned and not the profit from the P&L?



There shouldn't be a delay. As soon as you close a position your margin should go back to your available funds. Please note your running losses will show in your available funds to trade. Meaning if you had £100 on your account. 

You take out a position that needs £50 margin. (Ignoring spread in this)

Your available funds will be £100 - £50 (margin which will be returned once closed). 

If your position is in a £70 profit your available funds will be £50 + £70 = £120. 

So if you think your available funds only added on your margin it's because it did. Your profit and loss on positions changes for available funds. Once you close the position though it consolidates that profit. You will be able to see the closed position profit in your history. 

All the best 

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