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daily pnl

Guest london

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i want  to have a daily pnl on my machine, it needs to show all changes to my cash balance ie funding market movements and intra day trading 


this would be a help to customers and porbably even more important a prudent risk measurement tool 


leave ti to your own thoughts why ig did not set it up initally 

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You can access your P&L and any activity and transactions on your account within the History section of the platform, either within My Account on the web platform, or on the app.


Hope this is the information you're looking for!




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you are missing the point


you should not have to go an manually work out your current intraday pnl when all trades etc are on the system 


i want to see a running pnl 


not have to go into a history section and spreasheet it  


this is definitely not what i am looking for 



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