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An almost unbelievable blunder in platform design: no official TICKERS used to clearly mark shares!

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I love a lot of things about IG. Great FX rates and free US trades, amazing! But I wish they got this basic requirement sorted: **use tickers**. They were created for the purpose of eliminating mixups and increasing clarity in research and execution of trades. Right now if I want to search a share by its unique ticker (the identifier that every other individual and organiation in the trading universe use), I get 4 options or more from the search in IG and no clue of the ticker! This is outright insane, and I see that there have been a dozen similar complaints over the past few years. Please please please can you use tickers THROUGHOUT your next platform update as an integral element of information, like everybody else? 

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You'll find a clue to the underlying market (nearest thing to the symbol) in the "Info" tab under "Codes".. e.g. if you look at the FTSE 100 chart the Code is "UKX", the Tesla code is "TSLA"..

Since IG is a market maker providing its own, proprietary OTC markets you are not trading the underlying market directly. You are only trading an IG-specific market _based_ on the underlying. So it makes sense _not_ to use the underlying market's symbol as we're not directly trading the underlying.

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It would help make your point if you gave an actual ticker.
For example if you were interested in a meme stock such as 
AMC Entertainments searching on AMC would also bring up AMC Networks and AMCIL Ltd  then when you click on them the "Info" tab on thright has  a section called "Codes" which shows the ticker, though. I'm guessing you would prefer the ticker to show on mouse-over. Personally I don't see why they can't have the option to add columns for info such as this along with whether the stock is "closing only", "unborrowable", "telephone trading only", etc. It's annoying to have to select each item in turn out of a search list and not know for two or three clicks whether they are suitable.

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