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can not place stop order 3points from the price


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1 minute ago, zilvinas said:

hello. I can not place stop order it sayes it must be 10 points from the current price, witch is way too far, help please

Hi @zilvinas,

Could you please advise what market and level you are trying to place an order on?

If you need assistance ASAP please call 0207 663 0323 / email helpdesk.uk@ig.com or use our live chat function on https://www.ig.com/uk/contact-and-support

All the best - Arvin

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    • Generally it is my policy (for the reasons you state) not to hold trading positions over the week-end. Especially holiday (extended) weekends. Some would say even over-night! If you're taking a long term view on markets then I'd question whether Spread Betting is the correct vehicle.at all. Better off with an appropriate ETF/Fund IMHO. You may have a guaranteed stop in place but if not you will be subject to slippage (look it up). The trade will be executed at the best price when the market opens. If what you say happens, then that could well be below 1511. Sorry but a lesson that could have been avoided IMHO.
    • Haha, they were correct initially and were actually 'following the science' before they were subverted and started 'following the politics' instead, see your Chief Medical Officer and Chief Scientific Advisor in the video below. This whole farce has been a never ending story of flip flops and moving goal posts not because of incompetence as most think but by following a covert plan, as per (nearly) every western country in succession. Thank God for Sweden, no lock downs, no shutting down of their health service, no masks, social distancing or vax mandates and came through with normal all-cause deaths for 2020.     More and more people are waking up every day.     
    • Wow, anonymous random person on the internet who has done his "own research" knows better than the medical and scientific community including the Chief Medical Officer and Chief Scientific Advisor.
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