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EasyJet Rights Issue

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Afternoon all,

I was hoping someone here could clarify some conflicting information I am receiving about the EasyJet rights issue. It was my understanding that if you held a position in EasyJet as at 6pm Wednesday 8th September that you would be able to take part in the rights issue. However I have just received this response from IG support:


If you hold a Easyjet position on the close of business 10/09/21 then we will book the new rights on your account on the Ex-Date 13/09/21.

This has me worried as I offloaded some of my shares in easyjet yesterday - under the assumption that the timeline provided on EasyJet's corporate site was correct.

Record Date for entitlements under the Rights Issue 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday 8 September 2021

Thanks in advance

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Hi @DeuceBiggalow

Thanks for the query

Please note that the ex date for the event is 13/09/2021. You would need to hold the shares going into the trading day on Monday to be entitled to the rights. The benefit of the rights remain with the seller selling his shares on or post the ex-rights date. The date of record is the cut-off date where you would need to appear in the shareholders list, in order to determine eligibility to participate in the right issue. 

All the best


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Appreciate your help @AndaIG. Sorry for the bother then but this is a bit new to me can you confirm my understanding...

At Close on Wednesday I held 1000 shares
During Trading Thursday I sold 1000 shares
During Trading Friday I bought 1030 shares (due to the price fall I picked up more shares)

From your posts I believe that as I held shares on Wednesday I am entitled to participate in the rights share and the amount of 'rights' I am entitled to is 1030 because that is what I currently hold (and will not be selling)

Thanks again for your help

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Hello Admin. 

I am kind a new to this.  Can you please explain how would I actually exercise my "rights to  acquire 


31 for every 47 that I have. Do i need to call in and buy inform you guys  or will I automatically get these added to my shares. Will someone at the help desk be able to guide ( what times open ?)  or can I have private chat to explore my best options. 




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Guest andrewuk

Can I participate in the rights issue if I hold my EasyJet shares in a Stocks and Shares ISA and have already used up my £20k S&S ISA allowance for this financial year? 

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36 minutes ago, Guest andrewuk said:

Can I participate in the rights issue if I hold my EasyJet shares in a Stocks and Shares ISA and have already used up my £20k S&S ISA allowance for this financial year? 

Hi Andrew

Please refer to point 5 in the FAQ blog above




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