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chart grid for time values



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    • ''We are starting to see wholesale failure of the vaccines.''       '(mRNA) is brand new technology and there were bound to have been some mistakes.'  So in hindsight probably not a good idea to start with a 100% global population trial 🤪🤪 Mentioned in vid below is that the virus limits itself to certain regions and cells whereas the vaccine spike proteins are spread throughout. This was the problem with previous mRNA vaccine animal studies, the autoimmune system started attacking everything until the animal died.     Israelis' have had enough of this nonsense, booster uptake levelling off at 46% as govt talks about a 4th shot.   Still no sign of the flu, 🤔, you don't suppose these been a lot of 'rebranding' going on do you?   Reminder that covid has a similar Infection Fatality Rate as the common flu.    
    • US CPI: the big event of the week With a look ahead to US consumer prices on Friday, IGTV’s Jeremy Naylor looks at the numbers and explains that this may be the highest print since 1982. https://www.ig.com/uk/market-insight-articles/us-cpi--the-big-event-of-the-week-211206
    • Early Morning Call: APAC shares mostly down; cryptos tumble; and commodities mixed Europe expected up; US futures up after RUT and INDU see 4th week of losses; Asia tech hit again as DIDI delists from US. Cryptos lose favour as markets stumble, BTC down as much as 20%. And oil up again but natural gas gaps down. https://www.ig.com/uk/market-insight-articles/early-morning-call--apac-shares-mostly-down--cryptos-tumble--and-211206   This is here for you to catch up but if you have any ideas on markets or events you want us to relay to the TV team we’re more than happy to.
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