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option value clarification

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Can anyone explain the total value of an option contract in spread bets? What is the contract size?

Support page says:

FTSE, bet size £10, minimum bet £2. But what is the contract size, 100?

Does it mean that if I buy a call priced £95 with minimum bet of 2, does ultimate value equal 95*2*100?=£19000 ? Does not seem right.

I need to know the maximum possible loss on a purchased option. Info tab does not say contract size. In support, minimum bet on FTSE is £2, in ticket window £0.5. Does not much. 

Please provide clear guidance. 

Thank you

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Hi @Ian_944  @ppp8

Spread Betting: 

Total premium paid = Bet size x option price


Total premium paid = No of contracts x value per contract x option price

FTSE contract size: 1 contract = 10GBP/ point

When buying options the maximum loss is always equal to the premium paid, hope this helps.  

All the best 



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