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TUI Rights Issue.



Hi all,

I'm looking for some advice regarding the recently announced TUI rights issue.  I'm currently a shareholder, and therefore have been given the option to buy additional shares as a result of the rights issue. 

A couple of people have mentioned to me that it is likely I will have to keep hold of those additional shares (should I purchase) for a designated period of time, and would be unable to sell until that time, if I was looking to do so.  However, I can't seem to find any mention of this in either the IG communication I received or anywhere else.

Dees anybody have any confirmation as to whether this is true, and if so what the date that I would have to hold the shares to is please?

Many Thanks.


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Hi @Bbb111

Thank you for reaching out, 

The trading period for the rights ended on the 20th October 16:30 UK time. If you had chosen to take up the rights then you will get the additional shares booked onto your account up to 5 business day after the pay date(2/11/21). If you have made no election then the rights will simply be removed from your account. There is no holding period involved. 

All the best


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