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I have a long position in Germany 40 with a stop loss which was set at 845pm Friday evening at 1511 - I think that based on the weekend position Germany will open lower than my stop loss.

will my stop loss be triggered at 1511 based on above, or will I incur losses based on the price the market opens on Sunday evening? 

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Generally it is my policy (for the reasons you state) not to hold trading positions over the week-end. Especially holiday (extended) weekends. Some would say even over-night!

If you're taking a long term view on markets then I'd question whether Spread Betting is the correct vehicle.at all. Better off with an appropriate ETF/Fund IMHO.

You may have a guaranteed stop in place but if not you will be subject to slippage (look it up). The trade will be executed at the best price when the market opens. If what you say happens, then that could well be below 1511.

Sorry but a lesson that could have been avoided IMHO.

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I agree with everything you have written. 
kicking myself all weekend and a most unpleasant feeling watching it lose 140 points on Saturday! 
spoilt what should have been a nice weekend. 
mad it happens it has rallied somewhat so might get away with my schoolboy error…

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23 minutes ago, Mark333 said:

Hi Rob, pretty sure you can still change your stop loss or take it off entirely, if that was something you wanted to do, just go into positions and adjust or if you wanted to take off you delete and press return, good luck with whatever you decide 

I don’t think you can as the market is closed - I’ve researched this and if “slippage” occurs and you have a “normal stop loss” which happens to be lower than opening price then you get executed at opening price, (which I guess is 11pm tonight) 

apparently you need to select “guaranteed stop loss” to allow yourself to guarantee a stop at your chosen price. 

fingers crossed. I’m in too deep really, it’s been an awful weekend worrying!!🤦🏼

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