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Bank blocked card, what about withdrawals ?




Today I deposited funds to my account using a debit card, after a few deposits my card got blocked and I called my bank. They told me it was not allowed to transact with IG as per bank policy... I asked them if I could receive a "refund" to my card (for the withdrawal of my funds from IG) and they said probably not as IG is now blocked in their system...

How can this be ? Now I'm getting really worried that these funds will get stuck forever on IG if my bank refuse the transfers of funds back.

My question is, in the case that the bank clearly refuse the funds back to the original method of payment, can the funds be sent by wire transfer instead ? If not how to recover those funds in the future ? My account also has a verified bank account with the same bank from which I also sent wire transfers in the past exceeding the initial deposited amount if that helps.


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Hi @Joo

Thanks for the query. 

Yes, you can withdraw the funds by bank transfer. In order to do this you would need to verify your initial deposit from the card. Please see the following link for more information on the verification process: 


All the best, 



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