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Baconora Lithium

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16 hours ago, Bennietheball said:

I have some Baconora Lithium shares that IG app gives no option to sell post takeover. Any idea what I shoul do with them please? 

Hi @Bennietheball,

Bacanora Lithium is available to sell only during trading hours. You should be able to sell your shares when the market is open.
Feel free to call IG for further assistance.


All the best - Arvin

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14 hours ago, Bennietheball said:

Thanks for the response but my app is not showing an option to trade the shares? 


Hi @Bennietheball,

Have you tried from the web platform? On your positions tab on the app can you close your position?

If you are still facing difficulties it would be best to call the helpdesk, or use our live chat feature on the IG website for a live answer once the market is open.

All the best - Arvin

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