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GBPUSD long term

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1 minute ago, hsat said:

Hey guys, what are the thoughts on GBPUSD. I see a long term buy on Tradingview. 

Hi @hsat

Welcome to the IG community.

What type of trader are you? Scalper, day trader, swing trader, position trader, algorithmic trader or event-driven trader ?

If you don't mind, please share your routine when it comes to your trading analysis. Share your GBPUSD chart. Thanks.


All the best - MongiIG

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7 minutes ago, hsat said:

what are the thoughts on GBPUSD

GBP/USD moves up after losses

After reversing for three days the GBP/USD price has edged up, but short-term decline remains in place.

A reversal back above $1.362 would mark a short-term break to the upside, targeting the previous lower highs at $1.366 and $1.368. Further declines would bring $1.358 into view, and potentially mark a continuation of the downtrend seen since the end of last week.

GBP/USD chartSource: ProRealTime
Chris Beauchamp | Chief Market Analyst, London | Publication date: Wednesday 19 January 2022. IG
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