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Security Holder Reference Number (SRN) or Holder Identification Number (HIN)

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2 hours ago, Hammy said:

Where can I find the Security Holder Reference Number (SRN) or Holder Identification Number (HIN)  for the shares I own in the IG platform?

Hi @Hammy

Thanks for reaching out.

The corporate actions team have advised me that if, on a form, you're asked for a HIN number instead but your IG account number. 

As IG operates a domestic custody model, HINs are not required. Your stock is identified by your account number. 

For more information on custodian model please visit the links below


All the best - MongiIG

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IG # not recognized as a substitute for SRN or HIN.. Have emailed transfers@ig.com to find a resolution as IG phone helpline couldn't assist. I am surprised this issue hasn't come up before.

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