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No volume bars on many US share charts for weeks now


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I have contacted the IG helpdesk on several occasions about the lagging of volume bars for most major US shares and have received different responses ranging from suggesting it is my internet connection or browser, to admitting the problem (9 days ago now) and saying that it is being looked at by the IT department,


However, the problem remains and prevents proper scalping of the US shares affected, including Tesla and Apple, as well as more than a dozen other shares I have tried.


I keep asking for an ETA for the fix, but just get asked for screenshots and again which browser I am using, despite the problem being admitted on February 9th:


"Dear Patricia,

Thanks for your email.

Please note our IT team is still looking into this issue.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Trading Services


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Hi @PatA

Thanks for the feedback. 

We can confirm that the issue is being investigated by IT. We don't have an ETA for the fix unfortunately, our IT team do not assign timeframes but rather work in order of priority between a number of cases. When checking this with the helpdesk you can use the following reference number INC0610861. In some cases the agent involved may not be aware that the issue is already reported to IT,  which will result in them asking for screenshots etc.

All the best, 


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