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Guest WhiteShoes


Guest WhiteShoes

Looking at the new platform, has anyone noticed that the numbers don't actually add up?

You have your current "Funds" then a running "Profit/Loss" of your open positions.

You'd expect your "Equity" to be the sum of the two ... it isn't!

Is it just me???

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Hi ,


Your Equity should equal the cash balance (Funds) plus or minus running profit/loss. Margin would be the deposit required for the open positions on your account and available to deal is the difference between your Equity and the Margin.


As an example, if my cash balance was £100 and I was running a profit of £20, my Equity should equal £120.


Can you check your account figures again to make sure. If they don't add up we would suggest sending a screenshot of your account balance's to helpdesk.uk@ig.com so that we can take a look for you.





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Guest GeneralEnquirey

I have found it varies from iOS to android pc. iOS maintains the balance prior to the position opening and does not follow live and only updates when a position is closed However margin, p/l and funds available to trade are all live.

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Hi ,


The 'Funds' figure will only change if you close a position, as at this point you are realising a profit or loss. This would also update instantly if a payment or withdrawal is made or if there is a charge on your account.


The live updating figures are your 'Equity', 'Margin', 'P&L' and 'Available to deal', as these are all derived from the current price of your opening positions.


I hope that this answers your query.





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