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  1. Compounding forms the crux of successful long term investing. It is how an asset, e.g. a share or bond, generates income which is then reinvested in the same income-generating asset, essentially creating earnings from previous earnings. Think of it as the snowball effect in its finest form. Imagine that a grandparent gives both you and your twin sister £1,000 worth of shares in Golden Goose Group Plc for your 25th birthday. This company’s share price has risen steadily at 6% each year, and it pays an annual cash dividend of 4%. When the first dividend is paid you use the £40 to splash out
  2. Exactly. We have both the regular Share ISA and also a 'Smart Portfolio'. To cater for investors who are looking to accumulate wealth over the long term, we offer a fully flexible Stocks & Shares ISA. However, with IG there are two ways you can invest your £20,000 allowance. If you want to have the freedom to choose your own shares, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) or investment trusts; you can use our Share Dealing platform. You’ll be able to create a unique portfolio and each trade costs just £8, reduced to £5 if you placed just one spread bet or CFD trade in the previous calendar m
  3. In the world of investing it can be difficult to work out what fees you are actually being charged. Even if you are able to work out all your costs by either trawling through the company’s website or replying on your advisor to be completely transparent, it is near impossible to visualise how these impact the value of your investments over time. Platform fees, management fees, fund costs, FX fees and spread costs all add up. With a traditional wealth manager or independent financial advisor these are likely to exceed 2% a year. The chart below illustrates how small differences in fees
  4. The number of people with Cash ISAs has fallen by 3.8 million since the 2008 financial crisis as more and more people start to realise that keeping their savings in cash gives them a negative real return. This is because the rate of inflation has mostly been above the interest rate paid on Cash ISA accounts during the last decade. It is worth pointing out that if you plan to use cash for intended purchases, or require a buffer for those unfortunate and unexpected outlays, it is likely that holding cash or investing in a very low volatility fund is the sensible thing to do. However If y
  5. The Individual Savings Allowance (ISA) limit will remain at £20,000 for the 18/19 tax year, letting people save tax-free in a range of different ISA accounts. But with so much choice it’s not easy to know which ISA is most appropriate for you. The below gives a good overview of the options available, but if you have any ISA related questions please ask away. At the last count, the Cash ISA was the most widely held amongst UK adults with 8.5 million subscribed. However this number has fallen each year since 2008 partly due to the dismal interest rate that Cash ISAs currently offer. The aver
  6. Hi , Please note that IG are still not offering Greek stocks due to the volatility and continuing uncertainty surrounding Greece. Due to this each Greek stock is set to 'Closings Only' which means we are no longer offering the stock and so clients can only close existing positions. We will generally do this if a stock is too small or illiquid. Having taken a look at Piraeus Bank I cannot see these quick vast increases in price that you refer to, however, there have been a few corporate actions on the stock in the last year or two which will explain the large moves on charts, but we awa
  7. Hi , You are correct, recently a business decision has been made to no longer rollover quarterly share contracts with a spread concession. Instead your position will be closed at the bid/offer (depending if Long or Short) of the current quarterly contract you hold, and at the same time you will be opened in the next quarterly contract at the bid/offer (again depending if Long or Short). As an example: If you hold a long position on a stock in the SEP17 contract and wish to roll this over into the DEC17 the below would happen. SEP17 price: 100 / 101 DEC17 price: 99.5 / 101.
  8. Hi , If you're trading a share on a CFD account or a DFB contract on a Spreadbetting account you will pay an overnight funding fee (only if the position is held on the account at 10PM UK time). Please note that quarterly contract shares for Spreadbetting have a wider spread to incorporate interest for the duration of the contract. In order to calculate the overnight funding fee you would use the below calculation: (Size X Price) X (IG admin +/- Interbank rate) / 365 or 360. IG admin fee is 2.5% annually. Interbank rate is the 1 month rate. For UK this is LIBOR, which is curre
  9. Hi , We offer Equity options in our CFD accounts, but please note that these are a phone dealing only product. You can both buy and sell options on a number of markets. For example; US, UK, European. Upon expiry these will always be cash settled and not stock settled. Please see costs below: US: $5 commission per lot, 1 lot = equivalent of 100 shares, minimum size 5 lots (dependent on option premium this can be less). UK: £10 commission per lot, 1 lot = equivalent of 1000 shares, minimum size 1 lot. Hopefully this answers your query! Any furthers queries please don't hesitate
  10. Hi , We appreciate your interest in holding this account type with us. Unfortunately, as our clients need a minimum age of 18 in order to hold an account with IG, we cannot offer Junior ISA accounts. Thanks, Michael
  11. Hi , We're sorry for the delay in replying. If you've got a specific account query please direct this via phone or email to the details below. We will then look into this ASAP for you. Phone: 020 7896 0079 Email: helpdesk.uk@ig.com Thanks, Michael
  12. Hi , I'm glad my explanation has answered your query! And no, at present we do not publish these online, but we can give the figures to you via Phone, Email or Live Chat. We are looking into adding these to the platform in the future. Thanks, MichaelC
  13. Hi , We use the TomNext rate for our overnight fees on FX. This fee is made up of the underlying TomNext swap rate we obtain from our Bank feeds that price our FX markets, as well as a 0.8% IG admin fee. If you hold a FX position open on your account at 10PM UK time you will be subject to this charge. Please note that as FX settles in the underlying market on a T+2 basis (2 days from the date of transaction), if you hold a FX position on a Wednesday at 10PM UK time you will be charged 3 days as it is deemed the weekend due to the underlying settlement. The calculation for this is a
  14. Hi There is a known issue that our Western Australia clients that use Telstra have been experiencing issues. This is a Telstra issue and has unfortunately meant that apart from giving troubleshooting advice, we are unable to resolve the issue. If you are using Telstra, do your charts now work? Thanks, MichaelC
  15. Hi , The 'Funds' figure will only change if you close a position, as at this point you are realising a profit or loss. This would also update instantly if a payment or withdrawal is made or if there is a charge on your account. The live updating figures are your 'Equity', 'Margin', 'P&L' and 'Available to deal', as these are all derived from the current price of your opening positions. I hope that this answers your query. Thanks! MichaelC
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