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Data Export TXT CSV API

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I need is an occasional  snapshot of my ISA account positions.


I have tried using the REST API and all that but cannot even login to the API companion! Yes, all set up under Production and have an API key etc, login details are correct, I use them every morning! The message is 

"errorCode": "service.clientsecurity.error.authentication.stockbroking-not-allowed-for-public-api"


It's all rather sledgehammer to crack a nut if you ask me.


A simple downloaded CSV file would do the job just fine! Any chance of that happening?

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There are no share prices available when using the public API, the public API would also not be available for Share-dealing accounts as a result. What you can try is to create a demo account  (such as CFD), and then generate a key from the demo which you would be able to use to log into the demo API environment.


For API Related matters please use this community site http://labs.ig.com/community




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