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  1. Hi @TONY_UK, Due to the nature of EA's they are very hard to support, they are all 3'rd party scripts so we do not know what the conditions or intended functionality is. For support on an EA you can to go to the MT4 community forum: MQL4.com. Thanks Anton
  2. Hi , You are able to set up your own color combination by following these steps: Clicking on the “ichimoku badge” (found on the bottom left corner of the charts) select the colors you would prefer to see for each dimension Thanks Anton
  3. Hi , From the screenshot it looks like is correct, it is a connection issue or possibly a firewall problem. The Pull data is a type of offline mode that ProRealTime switches to if connection is lost to the ProRealTime server, if connected the Pull data should display as Push+. You can try this link to configure your firewall, it may resolve the problem. Configure Firewall Thanks Anton
  4. Hi There is a problem with indicator alerts in in general, our developers are looking into it and we hope to have it resolved as soon as possible. The problem is not specific to the new platform, the back end software used for alerts is the same whether you set the alert from the new platform or the old platform. I am sorry that you are receiving delayed alerts, the investigation is treated as a priority and once resolved you will be able to receive immediate alerts on any of the platforms. Thanks Anton
  5. Hi & , I had a discussion with our chart developers to get as much information on your queries as possible. I have some good news regarding the negative values, this is already possible. To enter a negative value you would need to double click on the Fibonacci drawing to bring up the customization box. From here you can manually change the figures to negative by adding a - in front of the number. The option to place labels on the left/right or center of the drawing is something that is already being looked into so it is coming, however I was not able to get a definitive date as yet. Extending the Fibonacci levels indefinitely could prove quite tricky, but after discussing it with the developers they believe it is worth looking into so this could also possibly be something they could add in the near future. Thank you for all your suggestions, they will certainly improve the Fibonacci drawing. Please let us know of any other improvements you can think of. Thanks Anton
  6. Hi All, We have received quite allot of requests to be able to hide or change the colour of the grid on the charts. We have now added this feature to increase your ability to customize your charts , you will now be able to completely hide the grid or change the colour of the grid. This feature is available from the “Customise appearance” entry where a checkbox “show grid” is now shown. The colour picker will give access to the colour customization. Below is an example of a yellow grid: This new feature is available on the New Web Trading Platform as well as the Mobile app. If you have any more features you would like to see then please let us know. Thanks Anton
  7. Hi All, We have received allot of suggestions to have the HLOC (High, Low, Open, Close) data display by default on the charts instead of having to right click and go to Show->HLOC Data. Due to the demand we have implemented this change, by opening a chart you should now see the HLOC data display as a default, you can still hide this data by right clicking->Show->HLOC Data. Thank you for sending in the feedback, if you have any more ideas of how we can improve your experience then please let us know. Thanks Anton
  8. Hi The feedback of adding an ability to change your projected loss/profit to display in your base currency was sent to our developers, it is something that is worth looking into and I agree that it would help in risk management. It was not something that came up before because the platform was mostly only available to clients that use Spreadbet accounts where all trades are displayed in GBP. Although this change is likely to be implemented it is unlikely to be released soon due to other major changes on the new platform such as DMA and sharedealing taking priority. Thanks Anton
  9. Hi All, We have released a new feature on the mobile platform and new web trading platform where you are now able to add text annotations. Some of the text annotation features include setting the font size, font colour, background colour and border type/colour. You can create the text annotation by accessing the drawings section of the chart. If you have any suggestions on how we can further improve this feature then please let us know. Thanks Anton
  10. Hi All, We have added a new feature to the new web trading platform where you can pre-set a timeframe. This means that you can select to view data for 1day, 1 week, 1 month etc up to a period of 5 years. Once you have selected your timeframe then the chart will reload and snap to the selected period. You can make use of the pre-set timeframes by clicking on the calendar icon (see screenshot). Thanks Anton
  11. Hi All - A new feature is added to the New Web Trading Platform where a pre defined colour palette will come up when you select the change colour option. You can still create custom colours by clicking on the button "more colours". Below you can see what it looks like now: Let us know if you have any suggestions on how you would like to improve the Customization options on charts. Thanks Anton
  12. Hi In Prorealtime the answer to allot of your questions would depend on your timezone settings in Prorealtime. Right click on the chart and go to "custom trading hours" to see which settings you have in use. A1: Pivot points would be calculated based on the candles visible on your chart, from that same trading hours section you can either include or exclude weekend data. A2: Trading hours are also set from the same section mentioned above. B: You would set up your trading times from the custom trading hours section, each category has its own settings so for instance shares UK and shares US would have their own individual time zone settings. If you have any further questions then please let us know. Thanks Anton
  13. Hi , The volume bars on our web trading platform uses the color of the corresponding price candle so if the price candle is red the volume bar will be red. In MT4 the volume bar color is determined by whether the previous bar was higher or lower, if the previous bar was higher then the next bar will be red. The values differing between MT4 and the IG platform could be due to a delayed feed, on Mt4 it would not be as quick to update as it would be on our web platform. Do you generally experience a difference in the amount on the last candle only? Thanks Anton
  14. Hi & I checked with our MT4 Technical team and unfortunately it is not as simple as importing our IG chart data into MT4. Due to the complexity of the task it will not happen in the near future. Thanks Anton
  15. Hi There was allot of work done in the last week in terms of resolving errors on the P&L Breakdown report, any data from 15/09/2017 should be correct now. If it is still incorrect then please mail us a screenshot of what your report looks like to helpdesk.uk@ig.com Thanks Anton