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PRT on demo charges



Hello - bit of a (daft) question but I am wanting to move from a manual trading system to PRT and am looking to hone the strategy and automation on demo before going live. I note that IG states under the rules that it must be a minimum of 4 trades pcm (tick) and it must be of a significant amount

Q - what is the 'significant amount' threshold to not be charged for using PRT?


Q2 - If using on a demo account will the 'charges' (if applied) be deducted in demo money or real money out of my live account? 

Any support greatly appreciated

Many thanks

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Hi @CT39

Thank you for reaching out

If you activate PRT on a demo you get access for a month. This is free of charge. After the trial period has ended PRT will be deactivated from your demo at which point you would need to activate it on the live account should you wish to continue to have access (both on demo and live account). Only the live account is charged (GBP30 per month). Four trades or more of significant value in any given month gives you access for that month for free (Significant value is intentionally not disclosed to prevent traders from doing the bare minimum for free access)

All the best, 



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