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14 hours ago, phillo said:

I like a clear simple chart 

Hi @phillo

They say clean charts, are the backbone of technical analysis and price action approach. Would you agree with that and what is it that you like about clean charts ?

Do they provide you with any of the following: Enough clues to spot a potential entry, key levels, trends, price action, market bias and signals.




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the main thing is , they give you the basis to start looking deeper into analysis. Another saying is, when doing analysis, always start with the higher time frame first & then drill down to lower time frames to find specific entries. So a clean chart on a higher time frame isn't enough on it's own , in my opinion , but as you say, they can provide the backbone of technical analysis

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18 hours ago, phillo said:

Capture spx.PNG



S&P 500 Outlook Sours as Market Fills Out, Volatility Undercounts the Risks


Liquidity has filled out with US markets fully online after an extended holiday weekend. With market depth comes a resuscitation of the unresolved risk of inflation, accelerated monetary policy tightening and tumbling growth forecasts. Be wary of the S&P 500, VIX and USDJPY ahead.



DailyFX and IG.jpg

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