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DAX 40, FTSE 100, STOXX 50, Dollar Index DXY, EURUSD - Elliott Wave Trading Strategies

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Euro Market Report News DAX 40, FTSE 100 Index UKX, STOXX 50 Forex EURUSD DXY Dollar Index Elliott Wave  Analysis
Market Summary Euro Indices: the impulse wave lower is nearly completed. Then a move up and this move up is important to figure out as corrective or impulsive
Trading Strategy:Wait for the wave 2 rally to short, that is the Wave b) of 2 breach as the safer short trade setup.

Video Chapters
00:00 DAX 40 (GDAXI) 
10:19 EURO STOXX 50
10:58 UKX / FTSE 100 
15:53 Forex EURUSD / DXY
21:04 Thanks for watching!

European Indices Elliott Wave Counts:
DAX 40 Elliott Wave (1) of C)
FTSE 100 Elliott Wave  (1) of C)
EURO STOXX 50 Elliott Wave(1) of C)
FOREX EURUSD Wave B of (4)

Peter Mathers TradingLounge



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10 hours ago, tradinglounge said:

DXY Dollar Index

US Dollar Outlook Bullish on Ukraine War, FOMC, WTO Meeting

Jun 14, 2022 | DailyFX
Dimitri Zabelin, Analyst


  • French election results are in - what do they mean? Russia-Ukraine war has key update
  • FOMC rate decision, rhetoric after inflation data could buttress Greenback’s strength
  • US Dollar yield and liquidity advantage putting it at top of returns over other G10 FX

Dollar near flat as investors weigh Russia-Ukraine talk, U.S. rate hike  outlook


Russian forces are continuing to advance into the eastern city of Severodonetsk, and new evidence has emerged that they have used cluster bombs and other “scatter-able” munitions.

Meanwhile, the US Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control said recently that investors in the US are not allowed to acquire Russian debt. JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs had been making markets in the space, but both institutions are pulling back. What the ripple-effect of this will be beyond Russia is unclear, but given the increasing fragility of financial markets, it would not be surprising if this development reverberated back and further pushed equities lower and the haven-linked US Dollar higher.

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