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Fix this big bug quickly as it affects a large number of clients Opening Time and Price Wrong Every Day!



I have been using IG for many years and there is a bug which used to happen occasionally last year but now happens every day this year which will affect thousands of your clients many of whom will be blissfully unaware especially if they use candlesticks on the charts.


There are 3 or 4 major UK shares on spread betting DFB where PRT time incorrectly plots and reports a pre 8am plot seconds before the market opens.


Direct Line Insurance, Worldpay, TUI AG and Paddy Power Betfair are the usual suspects and all had this bug today 31 May 2017


 The data in the extra plot is garbage, not an auction price and means that the opening time and price (the most important plot of the day) and all indicators relying on these are wrong for the rest of the day!


Note these plots do not appear on your own in house charts just PRT and from the FTSE100 shares it is only the same 3 or 4 shares which means they cannot be traded.


I have tried to raise this with your IT department but have been fobbed off so posting here in public is almost a last resort.


I am a big fan and loyal to IG but please no waffle excuses or fobbing off - just a date when this serious problem will be fixed.


Thank you in advance.


Thread continues here https://community.ig.com/t5/Suggestions/Serious-PRT-bug-happening-every-day/m-p/12689#M708

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