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Will You Miss Out On The Future of Crypto? Victor Jones' thoughts

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Victor joins Errol on today's blog to have a frank discussion about the recent implosion of Crypto lenders and if the current state of cryptocurrency as an asset class is just too risky to bear. Was this an inevitability in such a nascent and unregulated industry? Even pension funds are getting their skin in the Crypto game. Victor is invested in Bitcoin and taking a wait and see approach but remains cautiously optimistic that at some point the Crypto lending business will find its footing and its solvency. Check it out.






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In my opinion, crypto can be an alternative financial system to the classic one we have now. The thing is, if countries finally find a way to regulate crypto in a needed way (without regulating it too much), then perhaps there'll be less scam!! i think the mere fact that there is so much scam is scaring people from entering crypto world :( It's really unfortunate... There are also solid alternatives to BTC and ETH, without their crazy prices. Good ones in my opinion are SOL, USDT (of course), Thether, WEI (a very promising new one). How can you expect to pay with BTC when its price is literally jumping???? But it's the amount of scam that drives people away from altcoins and crypto in general, and that's a reason for there to be more regulation. 

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