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I Traded The Housing Bubble (Without Buying a House)

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What's going on in the housing market and how can traders participate in the latest wave of volatility? Errol invites Chris Vecchio on today's vlog to see how this year's bubble stacks up to history. Then, Nick Battista and Errol walk through a few of the more liquid housing and real estate sector ETFs that traders can consider when looking to implement an options strategy.


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tastyworks, Inc. and tastytrade, Inc. are separate but affiliated companies.

In this video you'll learn: 🫧 The State of the Housing Market 🏘️ Stocks and ETFs to Trade Housing 💭 Housing Market Options

00:00 I Traded The Housing Market With Options

00:20 It's a Bubble?

02:11 Are People Going to Be Moving?

03:56 Options and ETFs to Trade Housing

05:55 tastytrade's Favorite Housing ETF

06:46 Strategies for Options Trading Housing

08:30 Trading Housing Live Demo

10:57 My Last Trade Update




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