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Drawing lines on Charts



I use the standard IG web-based charting package with Google Chrome on a Mac desktop.

Is it possible to use the mouse and some combination of keyboard controls (like Shift, Cmd etc) to do:

1.  Perfectly horizontal lines between 2 points using the line tool.

2.  Lines between multiple points using the line tool.

......or is the line tool limited only to freehand between 2 points?

Thanks for your help.

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Hi @Robby1,

The drawings available on the IG platform are limited to freehand drawings using fixed points. We do offer an advanced charting package called ProRealTime where you are able to perform more advanced drawing functions:


If this looks like something you would like to try out then you can activate ProRealTime for free on your IG demo account for a period of 60 days. You can also find out more about ProRealTime from these links:

IG + PRT https://www.ig.com/uk/trading-platforms/prorealtime

Homepage: https://www.prorealtime.com/en/

Video guides: https://www.prorealtime.com/en/partner_redirect.phtml?pr_page=videos_tutorial&pr_from=PRT_IG&version=v11.1.20221206030002

ProRealTime Community Forum: https://www.prorealcode.com/


Hope this helps!

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