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IG Trading Summit Q4 2022

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Can Unlucky Traders be Profitable? – Daniel Dubrovsky

Often, there is an element of luck when it comes to trading. Even if your analysis is spot on, the timing is very difficult. Just look at famous investor Michael Burry from Michael Lewis’ bestseller “The Big Short”. He faced a revolt from his investors as he correctly bet against the US housing market before the bubble burst, landing him in the history books. As traders, we must be able to consider luck and timing, and there is a way to do it – with proper risk management. In this video, Daniel will cover:

• How is it that even the luckiest of traders can be unprofitable? 
• Simulating optimal risk management using millions of trades   
• Uncovering the optimal risk-reward ratios for your level of luck   



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Central Bank Driving Markets – Daniel McCarthy

Some pockets of the global financial markets appear blissfully sanguine about the risk of economic slowdown that seems due to follow as a result of aggressive monetary policy tightening by global central banks. If this remains the case, it may be that financial conditions are not restrictive enough to bring inflation down, which might bring policy officials to tighten the screws still further. In this video, Daniel shares his views on:

• Equity and bond markets may be pricing in divergent visions of the economic future 
• The inflation menace is a global one, but some markets are hurting more than others  
• If stock prices rise from here, where will that take corporate bonds spreads, and does it matter? 





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Can the Asia-Pacific region avoid a recession? – Yeap Jun Rong

As the US and other developed economies continue to step up on their monetary-tightening process, global recession risks are mounting. The moderation in external conditions has placed immense pressure on demand for Asian exports, which is the lifeline for most economies in the region. Year-to-date, the MSCI Asia Pacific Index is down by more than 25%. That said, have the worst been priced? Where may Asian markets be headed in 2023? In this video, Jun Rong shares with us:

• Key market themes in 2023
• Where are the opportunities in Asia?
• Analysis of key trading ideas in Asian currencies and indices



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    • Recently, Bybit shockingly announced the suspension of its services to the UK region due to strict regulatory measures by the region. This action by Bybit could further discourage crypto adoption, which is necessary for developing this industry. Strict regulations have continued to deprive crypto access/adoption to many users for a while. The regulatory bodies normally claim their action is in the interest of their citizens (to protect them from unsuspecting activities that could harm them) while some exchange feel this action is a sinister attack on them so the decision to suspend their service to such region. One question boggled my mind; i) Why can't exchange blend to those regulations? iii) Why are other exchanges surviving in such a region? The crypto industry is still young as such we expect some challenges and differences in opinions but finding a common ground that will ensure its development and growth should be paramount. That is why I feel exchanges and regulatory bodies need to work together for the betterment of this industry. While waiting for that scenario to play out which other exchange will you suggest for the users affected by this decision to use and what are your opinions on this strict regulations
    • hello, just tried IG sinals Intraday and short term and lost £200 ish.. anyone used them ? any help or feedback ?
    • Dow, Nasdaq 100 and CAC40 struggle in early trading Indices are under pressure again as oil prices and bond yields continue to rise. Source: Bloomberg  Chris Beauchamp | Chief Market Analyst, London | Publication date: Thursday 28 September 2023 11:38 Dow eats into Wednesday’s recovery The index briefly slumped to its lowest level since early June yesterday, heading towards the 33,230 level. A rebound from the lows helped to avoid another weak close but the general bearish move remains firmly in place. More losses target the May lows around 32,700. Buyers will be looking for a move back above 33,827 and the 200-day simple moving average (SMA) to suggest that a low has formed. Intraday movement has been capped by the 50-hour SMA over the past week. Source: ProRealTime Nasdaq 100 bounce fizzles The index managed to eke out a small rally yesterday off the lows, but has struggled to push higher in early trading this morning. This has put the price back above the August low of 14,553, so if this holds buyers may attempt to wrest control and drive the index back towards 15,000. A close back below 14,550 would mark a bearish development, potentially open the way towards the June lows at 14,230. Source: ProRealTime CAC40 stuck below previous support After falling just below the 7100 support zone earlier in the week, the index has managed to avoid any further steep losses for the time being. The March lows at 6900 beckon in the event of a fresh drop, while on the upside 7100 could act as resistance in the short-term now it has been broken as support. A longer-term bullish view would require a close back above 7200. Source: ProRealTime
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