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Stock trading with IG

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This is a comprehensive video that talks about our stock trading product, we cover a platform walkthrough as well as price and costs. 


00:00 The Agenda, 00:51 Stock Trading vs. Shares CFD, 04:05 Partial hedging of stocks using shares CFD, 07:16 Costs associated with the account, 09:42 Journey of a stock trading account and examples through a timeline, 13:32 Your Frequently Asked Questions, 15:34 IG’s Stock Trading Platform Walkthrough, finding your product, 16:48 Adding something to your workspace and resizing, 18:33 Book Costs, 19:41 Dealing and placing a market or limit order, 25:54 Balances tab, 28:31 Currency conversion, 31:10 For more information, disclaimer.





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