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Hi @Ivanbliminse

Thanks for reaching out. When making a stock request please kindly give the following information:

Name of stock

Name of Stock Exchange

Leverage or Share dealing


Country of the stock

Market Cap

If the stock trades on OTC then we are unable to offer, we do not deal in OTC stocks. If you search on Google Finance or Yahoo Finance it will tell you what exchange the stock trades under the stock name and the market cap.


All the best, OfentseIG

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I'd like to kindly request for it to be able to trade Capital Group's ETFs which I thought were on offer via your screening tool: https://etfscreener.ig.com/?cols=AssetClass,Currency,NetAssets,PrimaryExchange,ReturnM12&filters=GlobalSector,LeveragedFund,UCITS&map=null&search=capital group&page=1&sortCol=NetAssets&sortDir=-1

I am especially interested in the first 5 equity ETFs on the list: CGDV, CGGR, CGGO, CGXU, CGUS. But given Capital Group is one of the largest asset managers in the world, it would be great to also have the 4 fixed income ones that follow on the list: CGCP, CGSD, CGMU, CGMS. 

I believe the screener gives all the information needed but more can be found on Capital's website: https://www.capitalgroup.com/advisor/investments/exchange-traded-funds.html

Thanks so much!


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2 hours ago, Hwboyle1111 said:

Sprott Physical Uranium Trust 

Toronto Stock Exchange

Share Dealing



CAD$ 3.98 Billion

Hi @Hwboyle1111

Unfortunately, on Share trading accounts we do not offer Canadian stocks. Sprott Physical Uranium Trust Fund can only be offered for leverage.

Here is the list of countries that we can add :

All the best - MongiIG

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    • @KoketsoIGFollowing up endlessly. Any updates yet?
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    • Hi KoketsoIG, Thank you for the clarification on that. Cheers
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