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Finding epic for the market US 500 futures June 2023



I built a script to place order through the API, based on an algo.

trying to use this

epic = "IX.D.SPTRD.MONTH1.IP" # US (SPX) - Futures mini
trying - is this correct?
I can query the prices etc, but when I placed the order using the API, the response code is 200 but on the activity tab I see this error
Rejected: Market not available online

could someone help me please?

For checking, I tried with another EPIC - - but again got an error, this is response code 400 and msg as "error.service.instrumentdata-invalid"

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The epic is correct, although that epic represents the June contract, and it expires very soon. You may prefer to trade the September contract, currently 'IX.D.SPTRD.MONTH2.IP'

But that is not the cause of your issues. You haven't provided any details about the code that caused it, so its impossible to give a solution.



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Thank you for confirming the Epic is correct one.

Please see the request I made with API companion just now. response comes back as status 200, but when I see in the list of transactions, it show the error msg. Please see the attached screenshots.

here is the body content of the request

    "epic": "IX.D.SPTRD.MONTH1.IP",
    "expiry": "DFB",
    "direction": "BUY",
    "size": "1",
    "level": "4474",
    "forceOpen": null,
    "type": "LIMIT",
    "currencyCode": "GBP",
    "timeInForce": "GOOD_TILL_CANCELLED",
    "goodTillDate": null,
    "guaranteedStop": "false",
    "stopLevel": null,
    "stopDistance": "8",
    "limitLevel": null,
    "limitDistance": "7"



Screenshot 2023-06-15 at 14.19.59.png

Screenshot 2023-06-15 at 14.20.07.png

Screenshot 2023-06-15 at 14.20.40.png

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Do you want a daily funded bet (DFB), or a futures based bet? Its important to understand the difference, if you don't, go and read the docs some more.

For DFB, the epic is wrong, should be IX.D.SPTRD.DAILY.IP

For a futures bet, the expiry is wrong, should be 'JUN-23'. And you should really be using the September (SEP-23)  bet, as June expires tomorrow


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