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change base currency from GBP to USD?



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18 hours ago, ArturG said:

How can I change base currency from GBP to USD for my share dealing account? Is it possible at all?

Hi @ArturG,

Share dealing accounts must be denominated in GBP/Residing country currency due to tax regulations and this cannot be altered. Nevertheless, you have the option to set up a multi-currency account, which allows trades settled in USD to remain in USD instead of converting back to GBP. This enables you to use USD for future trades. To make this change, please visit the "Currency Conversion" section under "My IG" > "Live Account". Please be aware that switching to a multi-currency account will also affect your commission structure. For additional information, kindly refer to https://www.ig.com/uk/investments/share-dealing/costs-fees 

All the best,

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