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Remove CNBC from the Twitter feed

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I sent an email request to IG to remove CNBC from the feed on the platform. What they tweet does not seem to be relevant to the financial markets, and some of it I find quite annoying. Here are some recent examples:

"Look inside the $44.5 million Tuscan-style mega villa perched 2,000 feet above Malibu"

"Bruno Mars credits his success to this one skill—and it's not musical talent: 'It's become the most important thing for me'"

"How interest rates impact your money — from savings to mortgages"

"Etsy seller whose side hustle brings in $169,000 a year: My No. 1 tip for making money during inflation"

I thought I'd post it here as well in case anyone else would like to add any comments.

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So true RobertU.

Any general media out there, are generally noise, irreverent stuff or get the general readers wrong at key market junctures, e.g. Businessweek, Forbes, social media, and other general mags. I have found they are just NOISE. 

If you are a trader you need the latest data that will have an immediate impact on the markets, which then last a few minutes to hours. Then the bigger trends resume.

All brokers shoulder put all efforts to help give relevant data effecting markets, short term, intermediate and long term analysis.


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