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  1. Thanks. But I can't find the setting you mention. If I log in to www.ig.com and start at the Dashboard, I can try the following steps from there: 1. Click on Demo Accounts at the top. The word "settings" doesn't appear there. 2. Click on "Settings" at the top. The word "preference" only appears after that as "Communication preferences". There is nothing about a timeout setting when I go to that. 3. Go to the demo platform. There is a section called "Settings" there. But no mention of a timeout under that. I've also tried a search for "timeout" under Help, but it gives no results. So unfortunately I can't figure out how to do what you are suggesting. Maybe we are looking at completely different things?
  2. I'm trading a demo account on the IG platform. Every hour or so I get logged out automatically. It's very frustrating. I've contacted IG about this and had a reply from Marcy: " We have had no reported issues on our side regarding accounts disconnecting. This normally occurs if you are logged into the same account on different browsers or devices as the platform is designed to be logged in on one instance only. If you only have one instance of the platform running please also ensure it isn't your Internet connection that drops or that you make use of a VPN service that constantly change your computer's IP address as this could also lead to being logged out. If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. Alternatively, we've recently launched our new Help & Support site which gives you answers from our huge knowledge-base, online community, and education hub. " None of these apply. I have the platform up in one tab in my browser (Chrome) only. I have the IG app on my phone but I'm not typically logged into that. My internet connection is not dropping so far as I am aware, and I'm not using a VPN service. Any thoughts as to how to stop this? Thanks.
  3. I gather that, come 28th July, the margin that I require for my positions will go up to as much as 20% (of something). How do I work out how much this is in concrete terms? Otherwise it looks like I'm at risk of not having enough margin all of a sudden, and what then, do my positions simply get closed out first thing that day?
  4. Can someone explain to me about the small black upward pointing arrows that appear on my ProRealTime charts? I think they are to do with alerts but an acquaintance of mine doesn't get them on his charts, so I'm wondering what the full story is. Thanks