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Sustaining relevance in the crypto industry, what do leading exchanges do differently?

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The continuous adoption of cryptocurrency has caused a fierce competition in the industry, so how do top exchanges get to the top or remain at the top amidst this competition?

Interestingly I just got wind of a video with the MD of one of the CEXs readily casting light to this question.

In explaining the exchange’s future development plans, the company’s vision to go further up the ladder, its commitment towards strengthening its product offerings was a quick response along with its efforts towards bridging the gap between CeFi and DeFi through one of its products. Aditionally, its plans towards empowering people in the industry via educational initiatives, enhanced trading experience etc were all highlighted 

I’ve also come to understand that high profile partnerships can benefit top exchanges as she shared the influence global superster–Messi has had on the company as a partner, having helped them spread their reach in the sport spaces, raise visibility, trust and better engage their community.

Rebranding is crucial in the industry for sustained relevance, this was buttressed in explaining the company’s ‘Trade Smarter’ rebranded slogan. According to her, this was inspired as AI strategies get prevalent in trading, hence the need to rebrand and facilitate smart trading for users.

Healthy competition is beneficial for the company, it brings out the best from each project and exchange that aims to attain the heights.

What do you think about the industry's competition? also judging by these responses in the video, do you think the exchange is on the right track if they must sustain relevance in the industry?






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On 21/09/2023 at 10:08, WizardOfig said:

I think it comes down to marketing, community managedment, and events + ofcourse a neat interface with awesome features

You might to be far from the truth cos a good UI & UX do contribute a lot & launching a unique product that allows users to navigate the bearish market without getting stung by it, say the smart portfolio bot product of the leading Exchange in copy trading atm. 

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