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5 places to get trade ideas from the IG Community


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IG Community Morning Call
Every day throughout the trading week we post a macro economic wrap and morning call here. This is posted before the European equity markets open at 8am London time and gives an overview of how the markets have reacted over the last 24 hours, as well as give an idea of what to expect from the day. 

2017-09-22 15_02_39-Morning Call - Daily Discussion 18.09.17 _ IG Community.pngYou'll notice we sometimes include markets of interest and client sentiment if there is a particular market event or important data release, or a particular global event which is providing a potential trade opportunity. An economic calendar from our sister news site, Daily FX, and some interesting links are also included at the bottom of the page. 



Market Discussion and Strategy
The IG Community is a place for clients to share trade ideas and strategy. You can see all the asset class discussion here. We have broken the sections down into individual asset types such as FX, commodities, indices, shares, and general trading discussion. 

It's important to remember to never trade based purely on something you have read without doing your own due diligence. If you do see a trade idea you like, make sure you do your own research around it and that you understand the deal you are going to place. There's no problem trying something in a Demo account if you wish as this is a great place to try a strategy without any risk. 



New platform releases 
IG have recently released a new web trading platform which has far more functionality and additional charting tools which maybe useful for your technical analysis strategy. You can see everything we have on offer via the IG Community New Platform section. I have included a video talking about the new platform below which some people may find interesting. Currently this is only available on a spread betting account, however we will soon be rolling it out for CFD clients as well. You can also check out our IGTV video on how to trade economic events which highlights other aspects of the new platform. 


IG Features

Every couple of weeks the IG Community will host a 'Feature'. This will be a topical post which will focus on a specific market movement, a macro economic news release, or another area which maybe of interest for the Community. Sometimes this will be a technical discussion, whilst other times it will be a 


Our first couple of posts can be reviewed below, and if you have any requests of what you would like to see, please let us know in the comments section below.



Dividend Adjustments
Each week, we receive the forecast for the number of points any index is due to drop by, and we publish this every Friday here. As dividends are scheduled, public events, it is important to remember that leveraged index traders can neither profit nor lose from such price movements.

With this in mind there are some trading strategies which will focus on the individual constituents of that index (i.e. an individual share), or the index price action before or after the event. 

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    • HI,  Please if any IG supporting staff can answer the questions below? 1. in the upcoming AMC/APE vote on 14 March 2023, can shareholder that hold AMC and APE at IG able to make a vote? I also have AMC and APE at IBKR and they did send out a notification to inform me that I can do proxy vote. Will IG do the same? 2. the upcoming vote is to determine APE covert back to AMC then do reverse spilt. Last year after APE issued, IG staff told me that they have to move APE to share dealing account from my ISA account as ISA is not eligible to hold APE (which is completely unbelivable, my APE at AJ Bell and HL are still sitting in ISA account). Anyway, if the conversion and reverse spilt is going to happen, will IG move my APE back to ISA account for the corporate action? Many Thanks
    • The epidemic in recent years has produced profound changes in people's lifestyles, and many of their activities have started to be developed in the virtual world, which plays an important role in promoting the development of the universe of meta. Games, as an important part of the universe of meta, will be the first industry to gain the benefits , but the following conditions are still indispensable for blockchain games to achieve better development.   - Wallets and Exchanges. Through the use of wallets, game users can truly take control of the assets in the game, and exchanges provide a trading platform and liquidity for these game assets NFT, helping users trade and revitalize their game assets. Wallets are a key application for depositing blockchain assets. Currently, wallets such as Metamask are not enough to support the extensive adoption of block games, and wallets will further advance community drive the popularity of blockchain games.  - Game playability. The biggest difference between blockchain games and traditional games is that gamers are also investors. Many blockchain games have gone out of course, treating all users as investors only and forgetting that the essence of making games is to develop high-quality games that users are interested in paying for. If most people play a game just to make money, and no one is ready to pay for it, it becomes a side-scam. The revenue of the participants of the side scam comes from the money of the people who come later, and if there are not enough people who come later, they will not be able to cash in the revenue, leading to the breakdown.  - Speed and performance. A high level of concurrency is the characteristic of game applications, so Wax, Coinan Chain and Polygon, which are public chains with a high level of concurrency and low fees, have attracted a large number of game developers. In the future, with the maturity of technologies such as Ethernet Layer 2 and slice scaling, as well as the maturity of other gaming public chain technologies compatible with EVM, blockchain games will have a better development and operation environment.  - Cross-chain and interaction. Cross-chain and interaction of game assets will be a direction of future development of metaverse games, and blockchain should be connected and accessible like the Internet. The maturity of cross-chain technology in the future will promote the cross-chain transfer of game assets and NFT, and improve the interaction experience of the system                                                                                     The game should maintain the operation of the project by relying on the payment of some users or selling profitable products, just like the new blockchain game Fairy Cat in 2023, which developed diverse gameplay for players and increased the playability of the game, thus got the recognition of many players. Blockchain games need to work hard on game experience and playability. Token economics is essentially just a kind of interest structure , and even good token economics cannot replace the development, operation and profitability of the project itself. It is believed that with the maturity of the above conditions, more and more game developers and investors will enter this industry and together promote the production of some blockchain games with beautiful graphics, first-class experience and high playability.
    • Hello, Is any interest paid on "available" cash (not "margin") in a spread betting account? For example, if I held £10k in an account and had no open positions. The reason for asking is that I understand that proceeds from short sales in a CFD will receive interest (benchmark-2.5%), so was wondering if that applied to all cash, and couldn't find an answer on the web site.   Thanks.
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