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  1. Coinbase is currently still in its price discovery phase on the underlying exchange. As soon as its available to trade in the underlying market, you'll be able to trade it online and on mobile. Keep up to date with IG twitter handles: https://twitter.com/IGSquawk Use the right hand 'twitter feed' to keep up to date throughout the day. Keep an eye out on the platform - the yellow phone symbol will turn green!
  2. hi @3104dale - You should be able to see IG as a broker in the drop down menu on Primary Bid. On top of this you can find your IG account number in the following area. What’s the GIN number when opening a Primary Bid account? The GIN number is your IG share dealing account number. This can be found on the MyIG page. Make sure that you are using your correct share dealing account number - do not use an ISA account number or one of your leveraged accounts (CFD or spread betting) as we will not be able to accept shares into these other account types.
  3. Hi @Lavendertrader thanks for the question. For clarity 'closing only' is a status which can be applied to any market, not just GME and AMC. The purpose of this blog post was to highlight the specific action taken to improve our service to clients, which by extension resulting in highlighting the 'closing only' status applied in this instance. Whilst I can't discuss your specific trades or account on an open public forum we can talk about PNPL more broadly. Looking at this ticker it seems to be a UK listed SPAC with a market cap of around £7 million (and only 2 weeks ago would have been
  4. Hi @Obaid - thanks for the question. Unfortunately I am unable to discuss the specific reasons which may have resulted in a delay on your withdrawal request. I can however talk more broadly about the most common reason which may have impacted a withdrawal. As part of IGs AML policy we have an obligation to make sure we are returning funds to the original source of the deposit. That means if you deposited with a card and you're trying to withdraw to a bank account we may require additional verification documents. Your card issuer, probably VISA or Mastercard, is a different entity to your
  5. Hi @TFFX_ - great question - thanks for taking the time out of your day to reach out. Over the last few days the sudden and significant increase of interest in a few specific equities has been quite phenomenal to watch. As an established trading platform with over 45 years experience we obviously are familiar with periods of volatility, but what makes this event unique is the broader interest it has been given. The coverage in the mainstream media, the narrative of 'main street vs wall street', and the concentration on a few specific stocks has resulted in an unprecedented reaction from
  6. Hi @lj2301 - thanks for the question. The whole purpose of Community is to connect likeminded clients who want to discuss the underlying financial markets, support each other via the help section, and discuss IG news (from new product developments to events which impact your trading experience like margin changes). Whilst some of these goals can be achieved with third party sites such as reddit, having our own forum allows for better integration into the IG ecosystem, for example integrating into the dealing platforms 'New and Analysis' section in the left hand flyout, or accessing via
  7. Hi all Over the last 24 hours or so you may have seen some official communication similar to the below. To run parallel to that we thought we would run a Q&A today to answer a few of your questions. Whilst you can of course ask anything you like below, the standard community guidelines apply; for example I can't discuss personal trade information or account details on a public forum. [UPDATE: whilst the live Q&A is over, we will periodically review any new questions and reply accordingly. You can ask any other questions you want as normal on the regular forum here] Last
  8. Hey all Those who have been here a while will know that I oversaw the transition of our Community from the previous 'red theme' to the forum platform we're using today. It's been great getting to know the more active members and following your trading style and interests, and helping new traders get to grips with the platform. I'll still be floating around from time to time as a passive member so whilst @CharlotteIG will be the primary point of contact, tag me if needed (just be aware the reply may take a few days!). I'll still be at IG but heading up our new Products team. Our key
  9. Hey @nokuthulan313 - welcome to IG Community! Have you seen the News and Analysis section on the dealing platform? It may be of interest - we have a few trade ideas from IG analysts as well as Reuters news. Have a good day
  10. I'm sorry but I don't understand what you're asking for? Please can you rephrase?
  11. Expected index adjustments Please see the expected dividend adjustment figures for a number of our major indices for the week commencing 21 Oct 2019. If you have any queries or questions on this please let us know in the comments section below. For further information regarding dividend adjustments, and how they affect your positions, please take a look at the video. How do dividend adjustments work? As you know, constituent stocks of an index will periodically pay dividends to shareholders. When they do, the overall value of the index is affected, causing it to dr
  12. We certainly can, however please also note that the Monday figures are always available on the week proceeding. thanks.
  13. No, it isn't. Whilst it's known that trading on the worlds global financial markets can be tough and has risks, I must reassure you that your thoughts on our business model is incorrect. This has been discussed a number of times, however I'll copy and paste for the sake of the convenience. Our business model is based on providing individuals with the opportunity to trade the world’s financial markets, in exchange for fair and proportionate transaction fees. However, we do not typically benefit from trading losses that an unsuccessful client may experience. We do not have a view on the
  14. Nat Gas is an undated commodity which you can read more about here. https://www.ig.com/uk/commodities If you wanted to trade something which has a greater transparency to the underlying market, you can trade the futures market.
  15. right click, "show", make sure HLOC is not ticked. Hope this helps.
  16. Hi all On the back of an obvious increase in marketing and spam on IG Community, all new members first posts now require content approval from a moderator or myself. Approval usually happens very quickly, after which new member posts will be live for others to see. Moderator approval is only required for the first post, after which all posts will be instantly auto approved. Make your first post or comment today to get involved with Community. For existing members: please use the 'Report Post' function in the top right hand corner to bring such posts which slip through the net t
  17. Hey Mark - in this instance it is purely a business decision relating to the strategic direction of the local office. Not a very colorful answer I appreciate, but hopefully provides some clarity. It may be worth speaking to our sales team if you would like more information or would like to discuss options.
  18. Our cannabis index, like all indices, is simply a collection of individual stocks. If the asset price of the individual constituents fall, so too will the index. We created the cannabis index for clients who wanted a more diversified exposure to the sector. From the start of the year the index has risen from 750 to around 1250 in March, before pulling back to the 580 levels you can see now. You can trade this long or short, and therefore should be able to benefit from a falling price.
  19. Hey - our corporate actions team sent out the following email on the 18th of September which I believe you are referring to. Paladin Energy Ltd has announced a Share Purchase Plan (SPP) whereby eligible shareholders have the opportunity to purchase up to a maximum of AUD 30,000 worth of shares. THE ISSUE PRICE WILL BE AUD 0.115. ELIGIBLE HOLDERS MAY APPLY FOR A PARCEL OF NEW SHARES IN AUD 1,000 INCREMENTS FROM A MINIMUM OF AUD 1,000 UP TO A MAXIMUM OF AUD30,000. THE OFFER UNDER THE SPP NEEDS TO COMPLY WITH THE LIMIT IN ASIC CLASS ORDER (09/425) AND (10/105). UNDER THE CLASS OR
  20. On a share dealing account? Unfortunately not. First stage will be to replicate current functionality in the new HTML5 format, and then look to improve on certain aspects such as this.
  21. Hey all - we're looking to have the new share trading platform available very early on in the new year. Thanks for the interest, we'll make sure to update all clients leading into the event.
  22. Unfortunately as a UK listed leveraged provider there are regulations which means 'margin offsetting' is no possible, even for fully funded positions.
  23. Thanks casey - it's also worth stating that over that time period the underlying liquidity providers (aka - the international banks) are also closed. The global FX market is shut.
  24. Whilst you can trade certain currency pairs, we don't offer physical delivery (i.e. you wouldn't be able to withdraw) any Chinese Yuan.
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