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  1. No, it isn't. Whilst it's known that trading on the worlds global financial markets can be tough and has risks, I must reassure you that your thoughts on our business model is incorrect. This has been discussed a number of times, however I'll copy and paste for the sake of the convenience. Our business model is based on providing individuals with the opportunity to trade the world’s financial markets, in exchange for fair and proportionate transaction fees. However, we do not typically benefit from trading losses that an unsuccessful client may experience. We do not have a view on the direction of the market, and it is entirely in our interest for your trade to be executed correctly based on the instructions you provided. There is absolutely no benefit what-so-ever to IG having a stock available on the platform which you can't trade on. As we earn revenue from you trading, we want you to trade, not lose. You can read more about that here, https://www.ig.com/uk/how-does-ig-make-money or watch a video (which we're looking to update) here: As a financially regulated company which is listed on the LSE, this methodology is supported by our quarterly and annual results, and our latest Investors Relation presentation which may be of interest. If you'd like to discuss this in more detail, I'd suggest you give us a call.
  2. Nat Gas is an undated commodity which you can read more about here. https://www.ig.com/uk/commodities If you wanted to trade something which has a greater transparency to the underlying market, you can trade the futures market.
  3. right click, "show", make sure HLOC is not ticked. Hope this helps.
  4. Hi all On the back of an obvious increase in marketing and spam on IG Community, all new members first posts now require content approval from a moderator or myself. Approval usually happens very quickly, after which new member posts will be live for others to see. Moderator approval is only required for the first post, after which all posts will be instantly auto approved. Make your first post or comment today to get involved with Community. For existing members: please use the 'Report Post' function in the top right hand corner to bring such posts which slip through the net to our attention quicker. Thanks.
  5. Hey Mark - in this instance it is purely a business decision relating to the strategic direction of the local office. Not a very colorful answer I appreciate, but hopefully provides some clarity. It may be worth speaking to our sales team if you would like more information or would like to discuss options.
  6. Our cannabis index, like all indices, is simply a collection of individual stocks. If the asset price of the individual constituents fall, so too will the index. We created the cannabis index for clients who wanted a more diversified exposure to the sector. From the start of the year the index has risen from 750 to around 1250 in March, before pulling back to the 580 levels you can see now. You can trade this long or short, and therefore should be able to benefit from a falling price.
  7. Hey - our corporate actions team sent out the following email on the 18th of September which I believe you are referring to. Paladin Energy Ltd has announced a Share Purchase Plan (SPP) whereby eligible shareholders have the opportunity to purchase up to a maximum of AUD 30,000 worth of shares. THE ISSUE PRICE WILL BE AUD 0.115. ELIGIBLE HOLDERS MAY APPLY FOR A PARCEL OF NEW SHARES IN AUD 1,000 INCREMENTS FROM A MINIMUM OF AUD 1,000 UP TO A MAXIMUM OF AUD30,000. THE OFFER UNDER THE SPP NEEDS TO COMPLY WITH THE LIMIT IN ASIC CLASS ORDER (09/425) AND (10/105). UNDER THE CLASS ORDER, ELIGIBLE SHAREHOLDERS MAY ONLY ACQUIRE A MAXIMUM OF AUD 30,000 WORTH OF SHARES UNDER A SPP IN ANY 12 MONTH PERIOD. ALLOCATION OF NEW SHARES WILL BE AT THE SOLE DISCRETION OF THE COMPANY. THE OFFER IS SUBJECT TO SCALE BACK. SHOULD THE OFFER BE SCALED BACK WE WILL APPLY THE SCALE BACK IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE OFFER. THE SCALE BACK POLICY IS AT THE SOLE DISCRETION OF THE COMPANY. To take part in the SPP, we require an instruction from you before 12pm AEST on the 03.10.2019 advising how much worth of shares you are subscribing for. Please ensure the correct amount of money is in your share trading account at the time of instructing, or the request may fail. These funds will be reserved until the SPP has been fully processed. An instruction to us is not a guarantee that you will be allocated any or all the shares that you have subscribed for. There are instances where no allocation will be made to you, for example the SPP may close early and/or be fully subscribed. IG holds no responsibility for share allocation outcomes or any failure for you to be issued the shares requested. By participating in the SPP you acknowledge and agree that you will not hold IG liable for any of the above. Please give us a call or drop us an email using the same email address registered to your account, using the following details. Unfortunately I can't take this instruction via Community. T 1800 601 734 / +61 (3) 9860 1734 E helpdesk.au@ig.com
  8. On a share dealing account? Unfortunately not. First stage will be to replicate current functionality in the new HTML5 format, and then look to improve on certain aspects such as this.
  9. Hey all - we're looking to have the new share trading platform available very early on in the new year. Thanks for the interest, we'll make sure to update all clients leading into the event.
  10. Unfortunately as a UK listed leveraged provider there are regulations which means 'margin offsetting' is no possible, even for fully funded positions.
  11. Thanks casey - it's also worth stating that over that time period the underlying liquidity providers (aka - the international banks) are also closed. The global FX market is shut.
  12. Whilst you can trade certain currency pairs, we don't offer physical delivery (i.e. you wouldn't be able to withdraw) any Chinese Yuan.
  13. Currency risk which way? If you're betting £1 a point then there isn't really any currency risk between that trade and your base currency (i.e. the currency you will be settling the trade in). Your profit and lose will tick in GBP so GBPCAD isn't an issue. There would only be a currency risk (when referenced against your base currency of account) if you're trading the CFD which is denominated in USD or CAD currency - depending on the listing. Only then would a GBPCAD / cable hedge be required.
  14. exactly that - the order type is only important for how you buy the shares in relation to it's price point. If you're looking to 'buy and hold' as a strategy then you can use use either order type.
  15. thanks for the feedback - I'll make sure to pass it on to the charts team. Whilst we don't have the SD Channel option, we do have the regular SD indicator which may be of interest.
  16. If you were to click the three line menu and 'open market in new window'... You can then see the epic in the top URL
  17. Thanks for sharing tehka - interesting idea.
  18. Nice idea thanks for sharing. I'll make sure to give this a watch.
  19. Unfortunately daily statements can't be turned off as it's a legal requirement for us to send them out whenever there is a change to your account. The only thing i can suggest is setting up a rule in your email client to automatically move them to a specific folder if you so wish. With that said, its worth keeping an eye on them so you're fully aware of what is happening on your account.
  20. An index price quoted by the exchange is a indication of the sum of the constituents within that group - it is not an asset you can trade. For example you can't 'buy a FTSE index'. To get a price you can trade off, IG will take the direct feed from the underlying futures exchange - for example the FTSE futures - and make a fair value adjustment to bring it back to a more accurate spot price. This means stripping away any dividends between now and then, and taking off interest. This means there will always be a discrepancy with the highly publicized index price. Alternatively you can always trade the Futures price on our platform which is a direct feed from the corresponding Futures exchange
  21. We have this tool which may be of use https://etfscreener.ig.com With US ETFs it's worth remembering that there may be some which you can't trade (based on your personal circumstance). That screener should show you all the ones we currently offer. If you would like one which isn't on the list, let us know and we can look to add.
  22. Yes that's correct - it'll be the same.
  23. thanks for the update @who - I'll certainly flag the demo account for a passive review just to make sure there isn't an underlying issue. All the best, and always feel free to reach out if something isn't performing as expected.
  24. At it's most basic level (with a caveat that this is an indicator for educational purposes and there are more complexities such as internal risk limits etc) if you were to short £1/pt of a UK listed company, and you were the only one who was looking to short that company on the IG platform, IG would look to go to market to short 100 shares in that company and hedge your position. IG offer you the opportunity to not own the underlying shares, however we do not bet against you and therefore would hedge your trade in the underlying market.